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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Views in the Garden

This rose is from my Grandmother J.'s garden which we transplanted down here when we moved some 10 years ago.Supposedly,this rose came over from England & has been passed on from Grandma's Mother to Grandma when she got married.There is history in this rose bush,the connecting of our families women through something both tenacious & beautiful.This rose has adapted & survived a new country & climate much as that original ancestor did. I look at this rose & wonder at the hope & perseverance that live as one in a woman's heart. My rose bush care is nominal I'm afraid to say.I don't use pesticides & most of the things in my garden are things that can survive in spite of me!The Japanese beetles most especially find this a beetle gourmet feast.There is something before the beetles that attacks the leaves. I haven't fertilized it,sometimes(like this year!) I haven't even weeded it. Still,it produces fragrant & plentiful flowers....that give me hope.Hope, that in spite of the bug chewed ravages of my humanity,the adverse circumstances we all face in our lives ,that God can still cause the blossoms of love,service,kindness & encouragement to offer beauty to those around me.....the fragrance & beauty of Christ that perseveres & persists in a fallen world...that is the reality of Hope. My prayer for you today is that you have a pause to breathe in deeply the fragrance of beauty, of the Hope that fills your life.And to thank God for the persevering of love in my life & yours, I'm thanking Him for YOU today!
The Mock Orange is in full blossom now & gives forth the sweetest fragrance.

This sweet little garden girl was a gift from my Mom & Dad one year.She's enjoying a rest near the growing lemon & bee balm as well as some lavender to the right front!(Thanks,Mom & Dad,she always makes me smile!)

One of my favorites ,the sweet lemon yellow of the smaller version of day lilies,a variety of Stella Doro' lilies I believe. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!