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Sunday, June 29, 2008

There are also some new posts further down on the page-blog lessons needed!!!! I went to a picnic Fri., with this friend ,for "Ugly Quilts".Before I tell you about U. Q.,let me tell you about the place it was at!! One of the members has a wonderful place & we got to experience the pure pleasure of their labors.The pictures don't do it justice AT ALL. It was a few acres of a peaceful & beautiful respite. Landscaped,gardened,mowed,little bridges,a pond with a dock,a tiny cabin hidden away in a back lot. A creek,stone fence,garden paths... & so much more. Walking about was pure delight & a good idea after all the tasty dishes we'd indulged in!!

Here's a view of the pond in the back lot. Serene.Quiet. A spot for family gatherings-there is a dock for swim time.The world disappears when you are here. What a gift of hospitality Betty & her family so willingly shared.We had such a wonderful day! "Ugly Quilts" is an organization that makes a quilt/sleeping bag for the homeless.The founder of the U.Q. ,Flo, was there from PA. She has a fascinating story about how it began & what God has done through it all.Her British husband,a British cousin & a friend who is her"right hand" accompanied her. Why "Ugly" Quilts? They are made warm & ugly so they won't be sold.Flo started with one 7 by 7 foot quilt to help one person & then continued to make 8 quilts for that year.Her neighbors noticed what she was doing & asked Flo to show her how to make them also. It snowballed from there & continues today. All because of a seed in her heart to reach out to someone with compassion.She has a story in an old issue of Guideposts that tells the story better than I. Amazing what God can do when we put hearts & hands into following Him!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hee,hee- a new fabric!! Mail order is the best!!

U.Q. Picnic

A few more views of the grounds:

Who He is

Things on my mind: In my studying of a few passages in John,I am looking at what Jesus tells us He is.In John 6:35 Jesus says"I am the bread of life." John 8:12 -He is the light of the world. John 11:25-26-He is the resurrection & the life. John 15:5-8- He is the vine.
Bread. Light. Resurrection. Life.Vine.He is my nourishment that satisfies.He is the daylight dawning & living in my soul.Like the sunrise, no matter how dark circumstances might appear in my life,He will cause the dawn to rise again.He brings forth life from that which is dead. The death of dreams & relationships that lay lifeless at our feet may be but a seed buried in the ground, waiting to burst into new life. He is my connection,my life source, that not only brings sustenance to me, but causes good things to grow, to be shared & offer the refreshment of nourishment to others.
He is what I need.

Tonight's the Night!!

Lucky Ashley & Miles get the first visit!
Welcome Home!!!!! Travis will arrive around 9:30 tonight in Tampa. He'll be in FL till the 5th of July,then-HERE!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Babies,babies,babies,I love this chance to make little things to welcome our soon to be little ones!This was made from a Japanese pattern book.Nope, I can't read Japanese but I can pretty much figure out most things but SIZE!!! At some point Ariana should fit these things,right? At least one week!! Anyways, I'm having way too much fun!!! I trimmed this little kimono with pink polka dot bias tape I made.It really is sugar & spice and all things nice!!
Spring cleaning always involves re-arranging things,give the house a fresh breath of change as well as make things all shiny again!What shall I do with this lovely,lovely fabric????Hm...any ideas?

Corners of my home

Up close view of one of the blocks. This was rather early days for quilting,no quilt shops or special quilting fabrics,the fabrics were all or mostly from JoAnn's & faded quite a bit through the years & washings. It has been a well used & loved quilt-my favorite kind!
I had a special blessing today. It's a few years now that I had made & given a quilt away to a "stranger" who was battling for her life from cancer. I'd guess she's close to my age,maybe a little older. I didn't really know her but we were kept updated by prayer requests in our church. I had finished a quilt top through a Thimbleberries club I'd been in & just knew it was meant for this woman. I found a soft,minkee-type backing for it & delivered the quilt to her with a friend. Today,I met up with her at a friends renewal of their vows celebration-she is healthy & well & thanked me again for the quilt & what it meant to her. ...."cast your bread upon the water...
This is a quilt my Mom made for Ashley quite awhile ago!!! What a warm & loving thing to receive a handmade gift.Time & thought go into choosing the pattern,colors & fabrics.Much labor & time are involved in the cutting,sewing & completing processes.And finally,the gift is finished ,ready to warm someone with a covering of love. When I look around,I am surrounded by evidences of love & caring in my life....aren't we all? And the love flows & continues like an endless quilt,so many connecting pieces that seam our hearts together. I'm grateful to be connected to you,my family & friends!


A couple of my sewing listen to me moan & cry I struggle with some things that anger & sadden me .......friends who really do lift me when I'm down....friends who listen & don't judge....friends who pray for me....friends who hug me.

What makes a friendship happen? How is it certain people appear in your life & journey with you? All I can come up with is grace. Unexpected gifts of God that I return thanks for. Thanks, friends-you keep me going & You're always in my heart.

Countdown -1 DAY !!!!

We're in Texas here,having lunch at a place along the Riverwalk. It was an absolutely beautiful place. At 9:30 PM,Trav will be arriving in Florida!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In My Sewing Room

I bought a jelly roll to make Ariana's quilt & I have challenged myself to use every scrap of fabric from it! This is one of those projects!! Finished Tuesday.

In My Sewing Room

Close up of a few blocks.This mat with scalloped edge was made from a charm pack.
I finished this yesterday & I love it.The fabrics are soft,nostalgic ,from a line called Swell by Moda, I think. This says "kitchen" to me.Aprons.potholders,placemats,curtains,napkins. It also says things...totes...purses....clothes... I REALLY like these fabrics!!!

It's Bliss!!

This is one of Dan's & mine favorite desserts.Called "Molten Chocolate Cakes",they are rich,yummy,chocolate bliss in a ramekin. If you don't have ramekins & are a chocolate lover they're worth the investment!!! The cooky sheet they're on is from when we first married-27 some years ago!
Molten Chocolate Cakes
4 squares Baker's semi-sweet baking chocolate
1/2 c. butter
1 c. powdered sugar
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
6 Tb. flour
Preheat oven to 425 F. Butter 4 (3/4 c.) ramekins.Place on baking sheet.
Microwave chocolate & butter for 1 min. or till butter is melted.Whisk till chocolate is completely melted.Stir in sugar until well blended.Whisk in eggs & egg yolks.Stir in flour.Divide batter between prepared dishes.
Bake 13 to 14 minutes or until sides are firm but centers are soft.Let stand 1 minute.Carefully run small knife around cakes to loosen.Invert onto dessert plates. Eat happily!!

What's cooking?

Gathering some of the ingredients that transform this into future meals.

Food in the freezer's like money in the bank!

Four lbs. of ground turkey(93/7),a few other
ingredients & a bit of time yields wholesome convenience for a future time. I'd love to share the recipe but copyrights prevent me. (Don't they expire after a certain amount of time?) Six future meals that might be Smothered Meatballs;Spaghetti & Meatballs; a Meatball Hero,Swedish Meatballs or anything else involving said ingredient.
Sometimes this is called "Quantity Cooking" or "Once a Month",basically it's making a larger quantity than normal to freeze for a later date.Cheaper than buying prepared food & home made is almost always a healthier bet as well.No added chemicals, preservatives or coloring.
An easy way to do this is to make double one of your favorite recipes that freezes well,eat one that night & pop the other in the freezer-dated & labeled ,of course, for a future dinner. It's a very easy way to solve the I'm -exhausted- what- do -we- have -for -dinner dilemma.
The "Make- A- Mix" cookbook I show here has mixes for every part of eating that you could think of plus recipes to use each master mix.It's a really fun cookbook.Now, with just the two of us,I reduce the size of some of the mixes to be sure we use them up quickly enough.
It was also a good time to straighten my freezer!!!


Thanks so much for the e-mails & comments!! You make my day!

Tattoo?!!!?!! Countdown-2 DAYS!!!

I just received one of my Christmas Presents-a book called"Pretty Little Potholders". Kinda makes me think of "Christmas in July"..except this is,well, June.Perhaps,I'll get to whip some up in July...for Christmas December.(Time for a bit of caffeine here?!) Back to the book-I love it!! Very"me",thanks, hon! By the way,I don't mind Christmas in July, August, September,Oct..........!!!!

I don't have a tattoo.I don't WANT a tattoo.I have enough surgical scars to never want to deliberately cause pain or further any marring on my body. So, what's up with all this tattooing business??!! I believe some call this a "generation gap".Gap, ha,a gap is that failure of your buttoned shirt to lie smoothly over your expanding waistline. A gap is a small space between your front teeth that allowed you to stream water at unsuspecting siblings in your youth. Who coined that term, anyways? Wouldn't something of a larger dimension have been a little more appropriate, like "generational galactic spread"? As in,surelythis is the thinking of aliens in what looks like my children's body?!! As in, our thinking belongs in a different galaxy from the young ? Just how & when did they kidnap our children & get them to voluntarily brand themselves...& pay for it? !!!!

Leaving those in the tattooed category unnamed...our son, Travis, should be on a plane on the 26 th,arriving on the 27th. Can't wait to see that boy!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

This is Summer at thirty-four weeks... only six weeks left!

Aprons again!

The countdown begins-3 days till his arrival on the 27th !!! I've got to admit,he sure looks sharp in uniform! We're proud of you, Trav!!
The yellow check apron is a cheery one I couldn't resist from an antique shop.The two next to that are made from an apron that we turned into a pattern.The golden one was a gift from my girls,made years ago now!! The red scottie dog is one I've already posted. I used that pattern to make one for my MIL,who received it today & sounds delighted with it! I'm so glad,it is a pleasure to give from the work of my hands & the sweet thoughts & prayers that weave there way in as I work!!

This is a close up of the fabric from the apron below,on the right.

All of these aprons came from my Grandma J. , I've worn the two aprons thin over the years!

On the Bookshelf

My Mom has told me she taught me to read before kindergarten, ( Thanks,Mom for that loving sacrifice of time,one of many!)I don't really remember the learning process at all. I don't ever remember not being able to read. I do remember the thrill of first grade & going to the school library & being allowed to take books out. I chose a book way beyond 1st grade reading level about a marmalade colored horse & the librarian looking at me & telling me I couldn't read THAT !! Well,having been born the 4th child out of 4, at a very tender age you realize you are way behind before you even get started & this changes how you approach life. I told that librarian "Oh, YES, I CAN" in a determined way & oh,yes I DID read that big book! Who cares that I had to figure out what color marmalade was,the challenge to conquer had been laid before me & conquer I would!!
I have many childhood favorites I can recall.Classics that range from "Babar the Elephant","At the Back of the North Wind"," The Classic Mother Goose Rhymes" to Grimm & Anderson's fairy tales.Speaking of the last,I read some of those to my children & realized they should be renamed to "Gruesome & Grim"....seems to me Cinderellas step sisters cut their toes off trying to fit the shoes!! The stories were alot more bloody than I had remembered!!!
Libraries & bookstores have always been like coming home to me. The unique scent of awaiting knowledge enticing me to stay & linger. Choices surround me like a genii's thousand wishes waiting to be granted. The love of reading was a planted seed in my childhood that blossomed into a much treasured companion that has walked with me through all my days.
God often bestows His gifts in a quiet way, laying silent in our lives & easily overlooked . When I pause to look,my heart is a vessel that holds many treasures. What are the sweet joys & love's that God,unaware,sowed in your heart to grace your journey?? Happy treasure hunting to you today & may our hearts raise in gratitude to He who gives good gifts!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Views in the Garden

This rose is from my Grandmother J.'s garden which we transplanted down here when we moved some 10 years ago.Supposedly,this rose came over from England & has been passed on from Grandma's Mother to Grandma when she got married.There is history in this rose bush,the connecting of our families women through something both tenacious & beautiful.This rose has adapted & survived a new country & climate much as that original ancestor did. I look at this rose & wonder at the hope & perseverance that live as one in a woman's heart. My rose bush care is nominal I'm afraid to say.I don't use pesticides & most of the things in my garden are things that can survive in spite of me!The Japanese beetles most especially find this a beetle gourmet feast.There is something before the beetles that attacks the leaves. I haven't fertilized it,sometimes(like this year!) I haven't even weeded it. Still,it produces fragrant & plentiful flowers....that give me hope.Hope, that in spite of the bug chewed ravages of my humanity,the adverse circumstances we all face in our lives ,that God can still cause the blossoms of love,service,kindness & encouragement to offer beauty to those around me.....the fragrance & beauty of Christ that perseveres & persists in a fallen world...that is the reality of Hope. My prayer for you today is that you have a pause to breathe in deeply the fragrance of beauty, of the Hope that fills your life.And to thank God for the persevering of love in my life & yours, I'm thanking Him for YOU today!
The Mock Orange is in full blossom now & gives forth the sweetest fragrance.

This sweet little garden girl was a gift from my Mom & Dad one year.She's enjoying a rest near the growing lemon & bee balm as well as some lavender to the right front!(Thanks,Mom & Dad,she always makes me smile!)

One of my favorites ,the sweet lemon yellow of the smaller version of day lilies,a variety of Stella Doro' lilies I believe. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I really fell in love with the Raspberries!
This fabric is from a line called Peace on Earth. I like the whole line but especially these yummy raspberries!! I'm thinking aprons still,there are so many great patterns out there right now!!
These are from a line called"Farmer's Wife" 1930-1940.Couldn't resist these either .From Piecework Fabrics-on sale!!!
Well,Today I'm going to shop with a friend for a dress.Her & her hubby are renewing their vows.I am looking forward to a girl day,probably won't sew or post much today,warm wishes for your day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Praye request

Ashley called from the hospital tonight.She's been having alot of pain for a couple weeks now & not feeling really good.Well,it got so bad at work,along with being sick,that she had to go into her Dr.'s,they did a urinalysis & it appears she's got a kidney stone(s?).She was very dehydrated from being sick so she has an IV,pain med. & an antibiotic.They can't x-ray or whatever it is they to do to find out, because of the babies. The babies are fine.Ashley's got some sleep(she hasn't been able to sleep for days because of the pain) since they gave her the pain med,& she'll be overnight at the hospital tonight. They're allowing her a clear liquid diet &she was very hungry,I take that as a good sign.(Wish I were there,Ash,you're in my prayers,love you, honey)
Always,always love to be making something!! This a punchneedle embroidery piece I did for the Fall.
This quilt was another delight to sew.It was for baby Gage,my nieces' son.The blue fabric has green turtles all over it & I was thrilled to find a stuffed lovey to go with it.My model in the photo is Julia, a Gotz doll I got for one of my birthdays.(40?41? later?). For those who know us well,you will recognize Julia as the friend & cohort of our invisible cat-MoMo Kittypants.We unashamedly "stole" the cat from friends,his personality & adventures differ from their MoMo. I like to think they are distant relations sharing the same name.

On one of the web sites I like to visit they play a game-a color is chosen & you post your photos that are in that color.What a great boost for a little creativity! This varied little collection is residing on the dining room cupboard.It will probably stay there the whole summer.

Our boy!!!

Okay, I call him our" boy" but this is really one tough Airman who works out every day.He does his duty.He serves his country.He calls every week from Japan because his Mom worries otherwise.His smile lights up a room.His laugh is contagious.He can work;think & talk motors like his Dad.He had a lawnmower repair business at age 12.He worked one summer trimming Christmas trees.He has built decks & gazebo's.He repaired & put together snowmobiles.He drove tractor.Milked cows. And everything else you do on a farm.He has carpentered.He has been in the Steamfitter"s & Pipe fitter's Union.He survived boot camp. He has lived in NY,Texas & Japan.
And we love him to pieces! This pic was taken July 7th 2007,Travis was on his way to Japan.Travis will soon be on leave & returning to the U.S. I can't wait to see that"boy" again!He was always our "morning child",you know,the one who can actually talk soon after getting up,appears to think & function without the benefit of legal stimulants,actually looks & seems,I hope THAT hasn't changed!!! Soon,the picture will change to a picture of his arrival & that's something wonderful to look forward to!! Sending lots of love to you today & everyday, Travis!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This bag is made from a pattern by Renee Plains called "Foldover Bag".The fabrics are from the line "Water's Edge".I changed the pockets a bit from the original to enable me to use some charm squares also in that line.The handle is a little long for me & I probably ought to take it off & redo it.All in all,I really liked the pattern especially in these fabrics.

Ashley and Her Boys

Mom has allowed me to hack into her blog to post some pictures of my ever growing belly and the babies. Enjoy!

June 15th, 19 weeks 2 days

Twin A

Twin B
Twins heads, its the only way they'll both fit on the screen now that they're bigger!