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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Corners of my home

Up close view of one of the blocks. This was rather early days for quilting,no quilt shops or special quilting fabrics,the fabrics were all or mostly from JoAnn's & faded quite a bit through the years & washings. It has been a well used & loved quilt-my favorite kind!
I had a special blessing today. It's a few years now that I had made & given a quilt away to a "stranger" who was battling for her life from cancer. I'd guess she's close to my age,maybe a little older. I didn't really know her but we were kept updated by prayer requests in our church. I had finished a quilt top through a Thimbleberries club I'd been in & just knew it was meant for this woman. I found a soft,minkee-type backing for it & delivered the quilt to her with a friend. Today,I met up with her at a friends renewal of their vows celebration-she is healthy & well & thanked me again for the quilt & what it meant to her. ...."cast your bread upon the water...
This is a quilt my Mom made for Ashley quite awhile ago!!! What a warm & loving thing to receive a handmade gift.Time & thought go into choosing the pattern,colors & fabrics.Much labor & time are involved in the cutting,sewing & completing processes.And finally,the gift is finished ,ready to warm someone with a covering of love. When I look around,I am surrounded by evidences of love & caring in my life....aren't we all? And the love flows & continues like an endless quilt,so many connecting pieces that seam our hearts together. I'm grateful to be connected to you,my family & friends!

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