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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'm just learning how to get my pictures up & I'm sure I'll learn a better way as I go along but for now this will be how it has to be. I found a wonderful apron pattern at one of my favorite quilt shops-The Quilted Crow. The pattern is by Vanilla House. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but the main fabric is scottie dogs on a red background& the contrasting print is a black & white print.(From another great shop-Pieceworks).I just think it's a really cute apron pattern.I had a few glitches,like the ties are super long,thus I have them wrapped around me & tied in front.The next one I make,for my mother-in- law,I might shorten them if she doesn't want to tie it in front. I've got some great fabrics & cut out the one for Bette this afternoon,I hope she'll like the fabric I picked for her!
The first ("Big")sewing project I can remember was a potholder & matching apron that I made at 4H. Both Mrs. Noble & Mrs. Smith helped me.It was a half apron with a waistband & pocket,the potholder was in the same fabric with what seemed to me then,some pretty tricky turning & overlapping. The thing I most remember about learning to sew was my frustration when things went wrong(!!!!yikes! Fabric all wadded up & thrown ,thankfully doesn't make too much noise!),like jamming the bobbin case,gunning the foot pedal,which,of course,made the jam pratically un-jam-able! Blessings to my Mom,Mrs. Smith,who's still living & all those home ec teachers who probably were wishing I had taken Art. Trust me, Art would have been WAY worse,I think I'm still at the fat crayon level in spite of having an artist Mom! Anyway,I actually was very proud of that apron & potholder & can picture the pretty turquoise-y blue & white flowered little print I made it from.Surprisingly,it was also wearable...... & I'm still making & wearing aprons today!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Jill! Welcome to the blog world. I look forward to seeing your "stuff". I have a pattern I just got from Barbara Brandeburg almost just like that one and I've been itching to make it. I love how yours turned out. Very nice job.