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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Life at its finest-No matter how many truly awful things go on,there are also many good things going on at the same time. God's Presence sparkles like fairy dust amidst the cracks. Blessings poured out with the rain,small shimmers amongst the drops. Life.
What do I have in my life today that is a gift from Him?? The ability to savor;to appreciate ;to enjoy. My day usually starts with a cup of tea,warm & delicious,sort of like taking a bubblebath for the soul.
The gift of movement. I move & feel some of the kinks in my body loosen & relax.My muscles working the way they should.To feel strong,agile,to breathe deeply & feel breath coursing through my body.
The gift of vision. Each & every day my eye beholds things of beauty. The face of my beloved,pictures of my far off children, green& growing things that allow my soul to feast.
The gift of reading.I take a book in my hand & the story that flows from another's life is mine for the taking. I'm invited to glean all the knowledge from its pages to add store to my own.
The gift of God.That I can know Him,know his workings in my life. To see insight unfold,to be given understanding,to know the quieting of my soul through His peace.To have His word open to me,to recognize every good thing from His hand.
No doubt about it, I have been given much.Sometimes, you just need to be still & take inventory of the stores of goodness in your life. Trials make me want to look at the cup not as half full,but as broken beyond repair. God invites me,to see the new one in His hand, if only I will but look up & take it.

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Richard said...

Hey, way to go Jill !
However, what were doing up at that hour of the morning ?! I'll show this to Kathy when she gets home on Monday
R ~