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Monday, March 30, 2009

Gavin in Toyland!!
Zane-our sweetie!
It was just a great day! Gavin got to go out alone with Grammy shopping & over to Aunt Summer's house!! What a" big boy"moment for Grammy! I just also want to mention with my aging,declining muscle to fat ratio & the addition of carrying babies in VERY heavy carseats,this is no small feat!! I mapped it all out-I would park near the cart return so it would be easy to transfer said baby in car seat to the cart.Wonders of wonders,this actually worked out for me!!! This is NOT NORMAL for me!!!!!
Gavin,I'm happy to say was an angel of a baby & a very good shopper! We picked out new,"big boy" jammies for him & Zane! What fun!! My Mom-in-law & my parents, would sometimes take out our kids for shopping when they were little-fun,fun,fun for little one's & gave tired Mom a break.Ashley said it was VERY quiet without us!!
Ariana was lying down for her nap when we arrived.Well,not exactly.She was sort of protesting against naptime....Grammy's get special privileges......Ariana got to be held,cuddled & put down to play with her special visitors.
Naptime came later.Summer & Ashley seem to be the one's who most NEED naps.They are happy & willing to have a little or a long time of shuteye.Three busy,busy little ones seem to recharge on a slow blink!! Have naps somehow gone out of fashion & no one informs the parents??? Or is it just like technology, everything being done faster & faster?!!! Five people got at least a bit of a nap!!!
Summy had soup & warm bread for lunch & treated us to pizza for supper-Sum-you're my hero!!! My,it's nice to be fed!! My turn to cook tomorrow will seem more fun for having the break!! Thanks, Sum!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Our front room is going from baby overflow to Ashley's packed boxes,getting ready to move.North Dakota-here we come!! But not till mid-April. The boys are at a wonderful age,full of coo's, smiles & laughs.They interact more with each other,besides little arms batting at each other randomly,they can control their motor skills & take aim with increased accuracy.Such as, Zane, seeing Gavin's bare piggies waving about in the air,was able to grab them & PUT THEM IN HIS MOUTH!!!! Really,with all the teethers,pacifiers,child safe chew toys,I think their preference remains their own drool chapped little digits!!!
I think about their move more as it gets closer.I am really hoping not to go through some new form of heart rending empty nest thing. I'll admit it,there are moments when I would welcome a little solitary quietness-BUT NOT EVERY MOMENT!! Hmm,sounds like I'll be making some adjustments! One of my favorite flights of fancy is how much I'll get done-like painting,having a 100 or so people over,sewing & finishing things I've already started,spring cleaning,selling some things on e-bay,keeping in touch,making cards & sending them,keeping up with my blog....!!!!! Right! Like I kept up with all this before?!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life has been hectic,each day busy & come supper time I'm too tired to cook. Never too tired to eat tho',hee-hee. Well,fast food to the rescue.Nope,it's not Mc Donalds,it's Mc Jill's to the rescue!! Flash in a pan supper,healthy,fast & tasty, too.Three ingredients-Shredded cabbage
Ground turkey
Minute brown rice
I had already cooked extra rice from a previous meal.I also had pre-cooked ground turkey from a previous meal-smart,smart me!! So,with flair & dash pull out a large-ish fry pan,depending on how many people you need to feed.Saute the pre-shredded cabbage in water if you're looking for no fat, otherwise a little oil or butter.Once that's sauteed to a desirable softness,add rice & meat.cook till warmed through.Salt & pepper to taste.5-10 minutes to yum!!! Enjoy!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

These are some recent pictures of little Ariana that I took the other day. I can't believe how big she is getting and that she is already over seven months old. She still has her amazingly sweet little personality, though she has learned about temper tantrums this last little while. She is busy scooting around on the floor, though not crawling yet. It'll be soon and I know she is going to keep me VERY busy! I absolutely love her to pieces and thank God every day for the blessing of being her mommy!
Things are busy here at my house planning my upcoming wedding April 11th. Everything is falling into to place beautifully and needless to say, I am completely thrilled and excited with my life right now. Very, very blessed to say the least! I am loved by the most amazing man ever and each day is filled with such incredible joy. A very welcome change!!!
All our love, Summer and Ariana

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is little Zane- He is a 2 ft. something bundle of cute!! He's rolling over & schooching along. He laughs & giggles.He makes my heart happy & puts a smile on our faces. It's hard to get a "smile"photo but Ashley clicked while he giggled with me. How can this little face not make any day better???!!!!
Dan & I are going away this weekend-today we'll be leaving & coming home on Sunday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!Time to get going!!! see ya!!!