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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Easter Greetings,friends!

These cards are made by my friend Kathleen, who graciously allowed me to photograph them.
Aren't they adorable??!
She used vintage images from crafty . They remind me of the Easter postcards my Grandmother Jenkins had in an oak dresser. I loved to look at them & read the backs, to see messages from people now, no longer living. The cards usually had some affecionate little greeting. Somehow, it seems like a gentler & simpler time that I still try to emulate in my own life. To take time to visit, to share a little of my heart & to hear from your's. Those little greetings were important-they were just a reminder that someone loved you & thought of you. Perhaps today you need to let someone you care... so pick up that phone or better yet, maybe send off a card, like these beautiful one's. God bless your day, dear loved one's! May it be a day full of reminders to others that you love them!