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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's a card saying "hi" & a fruit platter have to do with Organization?? Well,as you know,where there are friends & family, there always seems to be Food!!!Yesterday, I had a get-together with some of my card making/scrap booking friends.Summer made some yummy,garlic pizzas for us.My Mom has been making these since I was a teen & they're not only good,they're simple to make!!


Take a pre-made pizza shell,liberally dot with butter.Sprinkle on garlic powder,garlic salt,oregano.Cover with shredded mozzarella cheese. Bake at 400-425 for 10-15 minutes-till cheese is way you like it. That's it!! Simple but good!!

That's me(! ), Erin , & her Mom (& my good friend), Brenda.
This is what it looks like when the creative process is in action. Amazing how really cute things come out of our creative mess!!
Summer continues to work on baby's scrapbook as she awaits the arrival of Ariana.( Notice corrected spelling)(Yes, I spelled it wrong before!) Onto Organizing!!!

Can you guess what I'm going to talk about getting organized today?? That's right,some simple stuff to make card making/scrap booking materials a bit more manageable!!

I love my Label maker!! It's a simple,inexpensive tool for organizing you'll use over & over again.It looks so much tidier than a messy scrawl with a sharpie marker,okay,it looks so much better than my scrawl!!!! If you happen to be a natural born,exquisitely artistic & neat writer than by all means use your talents.I applaud you. Really. You're royalty among the rest of us peasants.Go ahead.Really.I won't feel bad ....some of us are just naturally gifted.Others,such as myself ,buy & use Dymo label makers.

Why label? See above photo's. When you have friends & family over you can direct them to an area where they can easily find things.

Notice drawers.See labels. Friend wants to use brads.Find drawer labeled "BRAD". Open drawer & retrieve said item. Voila' !!!! Everything has a place & a place for everything!! This WORKS!!!!!

I have 3 sets of plastic drawers that fit on my shelves.On top of the drawer sets I have things that won't fit in the drawers. Mini ink spots with labels facing out, a re-purposed drawer from my Grandmothers treadle sewing machine that I have rolls of ribbon in. A card making tool kit.
I like to group things the way I'd use them-all pink tags together in one bag,etc. Baggies make a great & inexpensive organizing tool also. I have my card stock scraps organized by color family,each in their own bag. What's the purpose? If you have your things organized,you'll be able to spend more time on the creative process than the hunt & find missions some of you have been on!!(Hee hee, I know your secrets!!!) You'll have less waste by knowing what you have,knowing where to find it & using it. How many of us have found something stuffed away so long that by the time it re-surfaced we didn't even like it anymore or it had got faded or crumpled?
My 8 1/2'' by 11'' card stock papers are filed in my filing drawer. Instead of printing what each color is on a label,I took a piece of card stock from that color family & put that in the tab instead. It works great!! Paper is easily accessible,out of light to prevent fading & can't get crumpled or bent-unless you're careless putting it in or taking it out. You're able to see in a moment exactly what you have on hand,what needs replenishing,what you've "outgrown".
Which leads us to getting rid of stuff. You decide how much space you want your hobbies to take up.When you exceed that space, it's time to go through & get rid of things. Or stop buying. Or,if you bring home something,a like size item needs to go. Only give good,usable stuff away,others,toss out. If long dead Aunt Fanny gave it to you & you haven't touched it in 5 years or more,chances are you won't in the next 5 years.......& it is okay to get rid of it!!!!!

My stamp sets are organized on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.They're organized by all phrases & alphabets together.All general stamp sets are organized by size of container with all labels facing out (On all sets,Not just these!). And large background stamps in another stack. When these exceed the space,it's time to weed out or stop buying!!!!
When things are managed,you control the stuff,it doesn't control you!!! It's easier to clean,easier to find,easier to use!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been monkeying around with Organizing & Cleaning 101.The names have been changed to protect the guilty & anything they say (or do), can & may be used .
How to know if you qualify for help?Here's a few clues:
1.You are no longer quite sure if there is furniture under the stuff.
2.There are dried bouquets from your prom,but you graduated over 30 years ago.
3.You find yourself buying duplicates because you can't find the one you know you have somewhere around here. And lose that one!
4.You look for new & imaginative places to stuff things when company comes.(Think car trunks,ovens,dryers,bathtubs..these are true things I've heard!!)
5.Room spray is your favorite cleaning product
6.You really don't know what is at the back of the cupboard..& you're afraid to go in that far.
7.You thought the world came in muted tones only because somewhere along the line you stopped recognizing colors without dust.
8.You justify dust as building up your immune system.
9.You justify disorder with saying it improves & promotes memory function.
10. You tell people that you are a "collector'' & don't mention that it is cool whip containers & odd socks that form some of your more stunning collections.
If one or more of these are true,you may be in need of a little help in cleaning & organization. And Auntie Jill is here to help!! Stay tuned for future postings!!

Talked with Ashley yesterday.. she &her family are on vacation...she said she's doing great..aside from some heat stroke that gave her double vision...& having her shoulder or vertebrae out of place...which made her hurt every time she moved..or breathed. Funny, I would not call that "great". I wonder how she was really doing, if the present condition is being called" great". If that is the definition of "great"how do you think "good "would be defined?! Dialysis? Comatose?!!!! My,my,my it's all about perspective,isn't it??!! Trust me,my "great" is a whole lot better than hers..but it kinda makes me afraid to wish anyone a "good" day, much less a "great" one!!! So, here's a hope & prayer that your day is blessed!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quilters Shop Hop & Stop at a Shop!!!

Some of the goodies from our Shop Hop & a stop at a shop yesterday!!! Woo hoo,I am one happy little sewing lady!! I,of course,didn't drive, (for the Shop Hop) but my wonderful friend,Brenda,did!!! Summer,Emily & I were graciously toted around to 6 shops & a late lunch at Friendly's last weekend!! I made most of my purchases at an already favorite shop "The Quilted Crow" Love that place!! It's a charming log cabin full of goodies,lots of fabric,tons of samples. Peggy, the owner does a tremendous job!! I also found a new favorite-"Beyond the Needle",surprisingly,another log cabin with a great selection & charming staff! It was a great "girl day" but I did notice, rather exhausting for the pregnant lady on board!!! Okay,I'll admit it -I DID NOT NEED THIS!!!! But,I'm really glad I bought it anyway!!!
It's a fabulous sewing roll up! Love it,love it!!
Some cute patterns-I made another little tote,I'll post in the future!

Goodies, given from the shops to the hoppers & Christmas kit I bought.

I live in the midst of nowhere. What do I define as "nowhere" ? Not being able to shop within a 15-20 mile drive other than a K-Mart or Wal-mart. Yes,I can & do shop there & they often have the something's I actually need.But as far as my wardrobe,frankly,it would be completely deplorable were it not for a few visits to my daughter's & the mecca area of stores they live near.In the country, where we're at, you prepare yourself for big trips & long rides.Big,tiring,all day events. Unless your hubby drove!!! He's really good but I do try to not take advantage of that.(Hee,hee cause I want him to continue being my personal driver while on the really scary highways!)(Not to worry,he doesn't read this blog) (And, I think he's already figured this out!!)

Funny,I don't have any places to buy clothes or nice gifts but I do have a number of QUILT SHOPS within a 45 minute or less radius I can get to.Hm,so that's why my fabric stash seems so much more presentable than the afore mentioned wardrobe!! And if I don't get to a shop..drum roll, please-Enter: The Computer!!!! The Credit Card!!!!Hee,hee, a country sewing woman's dream come true!!!!I know alot of places that sell fabrics I love,like "Quilt Taffy"; "Fat Quarter Friendly"; "Sew Mama Sew"; "Fat Quarter Quilter"; to name just a few. What a difference from years ago,for me,my wardrobe was slightly better,but it sure is alot more Fun to have fabric!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

At The Lake

An Island Wedding,at Wellsley Island ,that is.Kelly & Adam exchanging vows in this prettily festooned arbor. The breeze is blowing but it was still hot!
( Okay,another one of those goofs where I've got a double!!!)
New family-Kelly, Trent & Adam!!! Congratulations!!
Kelly & Adam,she looked like a princess & Adam,very much in love with his bride!

Kelly & her Dad. Dan's brother, Jeff. Eric & his Grandmother,aren't these fellows a good looking bunch?!
Dan's Mom did a reading in the ceremony.

My sister-in-law,Gwen ,who did an amazing job on the wedding, decorations,food,their story at every table,message in a bottle seat markers, a old-fashioned candy bar, I can't begin to tell you of all the special,thoughtful touches she added.I didn't take pictures at the reception cause sometimes you are just so busy living,eating,drinking,talking, get the idea,right?Scallops wrapped in bacon & fresh,luscious pineapple were a couple of my favorite appetizers!
Unbeknownst to us, the wedding party was wearing khaki colored suits,white shirts & blue ties..of all things,guess what Travis brought to wear to the wedding? Yup,you guessed it,khaki's;white short sleeved shirt with a blue tie!
We,personally,couldn't have had a better time & we wish with all our hearts an endless happily ever after to this special young couple!!

Here we are at a different lake yesterday with friends & our daughter!Doesn't the picture of the lake just call to you?! The air is fresher,the sun is brighter,the breeze more refreshing..& food always tastes better!!

The really cute bag is what I worked on with Sum's invaluable help on the zipper !
Summer is working on scrapbook pages for Arianna.Isn't that smart?!! She knows there are certain pictures she'll want to record & she's getting it done before baby comes!!!

Mariam is also working on a block of the month kit from Keepsake Quilting,called "O Tannenbaum". It is all done with paper piecing,something I've never tried.In person,the colors are just glowing but I was really fascinated by the detail of the door on this block!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime- & the living is easy!

Is that a great smile or what??!! This is at 3:30 Am this morning!! How many people do you know who can be this exuberant in the middle of the night?!! Is a "Wow" in order here?!! Yep, He's in the air right now,won't be arriving till Fri. night, Japan time.Couldn't have had a better visit unless it was longer.Bless his heart,he even did some big chores & errands for us-thanks so much Trav,you're the best!!!!
And what better way to chase the blues away then to spend some time sewing at my friends camp at the lake? Mariam was working on a log cabin quilt for her grandson. I also snapped some pic's of the block of the month quilt she's been working on-they'll be coming up soon as I can!
Leslie is M.'s daughter & today she was working on a beautiful floral applique quilt that I didn't get a pic of.
Best pic of the day!!! YES, IAM PREJUDICE!!!!!! This is Summer,one of our beautiful expectant daughters!!! Arianna is due to arrive August 2nd (or sooner,c'mon baby!!!).Everyone tells me the grandparenting thing is amazing. Well, just being the grand mother in waiting has been great....all those remembrances brought to mind with none of the effects-I'm thinking I'm going to breeze through labor this time around!!! Doctor appt. tomorrow-I hope something's happening,don't you?!! I'm starting to think I'd better read that manual on labor & wouldn't be cool to flip through the pages & find out she's breathing wrong now,would it?! Hm, how did those Indian squaws hang onto a tree limb,give birth,walk back into camp & grind the corn for dinner? And all without manuals & diagrams? I've a theory this is to draw our attention away from the big bucks we now pay to have a birth where you don't have to make dinner for a tribe afterwards. Okay,ladies, put that way ,reading the manual is a small price to pay,isn't it??!!!