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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Melissa!!!

Here's Ashley & Summer with 3 of my nieces at Summer's baby shower.Mary,Melissa & Mandy.When they were younger we liked to call them our "M&M's". Not just because they all have names beginning with "m",but they were/are also very sweet!!
This is Melissa & her little boy,Lance. I was down at my sister's house when she had Melissa, to help & watch her big sister, Mary.As I recollect,Deb hardly made it to the hospital in time!!!
Melissa is a hard working Mom.She's very creative & her house reflects that. She's also a very good cook-we had Easter there this year & bless her heart, it was quite a feast for our crowd!!!

This is Melissa' daughter Madison. She was Summer's helper at the shower & a very good one!!!
I've got just one small story to share about Melissa,she may not even remember it,but I've never forgotten it. When we used to live up North,Deb was so good about making regular visits with the girls. Our house was just a small ways from Mom's & Grandma J.'s, so all kinds of visiting could go on. Our children were alot younger & this particular night we were having a campfire in the back yard & roasting marshmallows. Melissa consistently had a flaming,black crusted marshmallow. A question was asked if didn't she like the golden toasted ones? Her reply was something like this-"well, I can't ever seem to get them just tan so I've decided this is my favorite way to have them"!!! Wouldn't we all be wiser to make up our minds & will's to like the "burnt marshmallows" we get in life??!! To determine in advance we'll learn not only to accept the things we're handed in life, but determine to enjoy them. I like your wisdom,Lis!
Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!! With love from me to you, Aunt Jill

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