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Friday, July 25, 2008

At The Lake

An Island Wedding,at Wellsley Island ,that is.Kelly & Adam exchanging vows in this prettily festooned arbor. The breeze is blowing but it was still hot!
( Okay,another one of those goofs where I've got a double!!!)
New family-Kelly, Trent & Adam!!! Congratulations!!
Kelly & Adam,she looked like a princess & Adam,very much in love with his bride!

Kelly & her Dad. Dan's brother, Jeff. Eric & his Grandmother,aren't these fellows a good looking bunch?!
Dan's Mom did a reading in the ceremony.

My sister-in-law,Gwen ,who did an amazing job on the wedding, decorations,food,their story at every table,message in a bottle seat markers, a old-fashioned candy bar, I can't begin to tell you of all the special,thoughtful touches she added.I didn't take pictures at the reception cause sometimes you are just so busy living,eating,drinking,talking, get the idea,right?Scallops wrapped in bacon & fresh,luscious pineapple were a couple of my favorite appetizers!
Unbeknownst to us, the wedding party was wearing khaki colored suits,white shirts & blue ties..of all things,guess what Travis brought to wear to the wedding? Yup,you guessed it,khaki's;white short sleeved shirt with a blue tie!
We,personally,couldn't have had a better time & we wish with all our hearts an endless happily ever after to this special young couple!!

Here we are at a different lake yesterday with friends & our daughter!Doesn't the picture of the lake just call to you?! The air is fresher,the sun is brighter,the breeze more refreshing..& food always tastes better!!

The really cute bag is what I worked on with Sum's invaluable help on the zipper !
Summer is working on scrapbook pages for Arianna.Isn't that smart?!! She knows there are certain pictures she'll want to record & she's getting it done before baby comes!!!

Mariam is also working on a block of the month kit from Keepsake Quilting,called "O Tannenbaum". It is all done with paper piecing,something I've never tried.In person,the colors are just glowing but I was really fascinated by the detail of the door on this block!

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