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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He'll be leaving soon.

This is a service flag from my mother in law. The star in this banner represented how many of your sons were actively serving in the military; if there were 3 stars ,you had 3 sons serving,etc. When it first originated, it was also called a "Sons in Service"flag,which is no longer appropriate today, as we have many women serving also. If there was a gold star on it,it represented a son who had died in service.
We have the service flag,very fragile,I might add, with 1 star,to represent our son, Travis. (Man, I love that boy!!!) Here he is,on leave,having some R & R while in the States.
Hoping to get in some moto cross riding with friends. He'll leave here around 3:30 AM for Japan. The house is sure going to seem empty & quiet without him around. We'll miss you,Trav!