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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quilters Shop Hop & Stop at a Shop!!!

Some of the goodies from our Shop Hop & a stop at a shop yesterday!!! Woo hoo,I am one happy little sewing lady!! I,of course,didn't drive, (for the Shop Hop) but my wonderful friend,Brenda,did!!! Summer,Emily & I were graciously toted around to 6 shops & a late lunch at Friendly's last weekend!! I made most of my purchases at an already favorite shop "The Quilted Crow" Love that place!! It's a charming log cabin full of goodies,lots of fabric,tons of samples. Peggy, the owner does a tremendous job!! I also found a new favorite-"Beyond the Needle",surprisingly,another log cabin with a great selection & charming staff! It was a great "girl day" but I did notice, rather exhausting for the pregnant lady on board!!! Okay,I'll admit it -I DID NOT NEED THIS!!!! But,I'm really glad I bought it anyway!!!
It's a fabulous sewing roll up! Love it,love it!!
Some cute patterns-I made another little tote,I'll post in the future!

Goodies, given from the shops to the hoppers & Christmas kit I bought.

I live in the midst of nowhere. What do I define as "nowhere" ? Not being able to shop within a 15-20 mile drive other than a K-Mart or Wal-mart. Yes,I can & do shop there & they often have the something's I actually need.But as far as my wardrobe,frankly,it would be completely deplorable were it not for a few visits to my daughter's & the mecca area of stores they live near.In the country, where we're at, you prepare yourself for big trips & long rides.Big,tiring,all day events. Unless your hubby drove!!! He's really good but I do try to not take advantage of that.(Hee,hee cause I want him to continue being my personal driver while on the really scary highways!)(Not to worry,he doesn't read this blog) (And, I think he's already figured this out!!)

Funny,I don't have any places to buy clothes or nice gifts but I do have a number of QUILT SHOPS within a 45 minute or less radius I can get to.Hm,so that's why my fabric stash seems so much more presentable than the afore mentioned wardrobe!! And if I don't get to a shop..drum roll, please-Enter: The Computer!!!! The Credit Card!!!!Hee,hee, a country sewing woman's dream come true!!!!I know alot of places that sell fabrics I love,like "Quilt Taffy"; "Fat Quarter Friendly"; "Sew Mama Sew"; "Fat Quarter Quilter"; to name just a few. What a difference from years ago,for me,my wardrobe was slightly better,but it sure is alot more Fun to have fabric!!!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well "need" is a relative term right? Need, want, same thing most of the time. You got some great things. I'm sure you had fun.

Emilyyy said...

:) Hi Jill!
i keep looking at your site..for an update, we need to see the hanging out at our house pictures! :) :)