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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tea Time

Tea time.. a time of quiet, a pause to refresh.
My heart is full of prayer & gratitude this morning,Lord. I thank you today that your promises stand true. To those that are weary,tired from life's daily struggles,you promise to lead them into green pastures.Still waters. That You lead them, causes me to know that there is a walk behind You to get there..sometimes, that walk might involve some rough climbing over rocks & steep hills to get to those still pools of refreshing.. sometimes, it seems we walk along the very precipice of a cliff,when all our security seems but a small slip away.. but if you lead..and we follow..we're going to arrive matter the path you choose to lead us there. You know best the path we need to go on. You know where it lead us to green pastures & still waters..In this quiet,morning moment, paused & still before You, I know,with heart & soul & strength..that You, are more than enough..You, know the way.. & I, choose to follow.. it is enough.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Thank you always for your inspiring posts. That teapot is so darling, by the way.

Just Me said...

yeah we finally found you! Nice blog... Good job Jill! We'll be praying for Summer! Talk to you tomorrow! -- Brenda and Erin


hey jill!!!
how are you??
i never see you...
miss you!