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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been monkeying around with Organizing & Cleaning 101.The names have been changed to protect the guilty & anything they say (or do), can & may be used .
How to know if you qualify for help?Here's a few clues:
1.You are no longer quite sure if there is furniture under the stuff.
2.There are dried bouquets from your prom,but you graduated over 30 years ago.
3.You find yourself buying duplicates because you can't find the one you know you have somewhere around here. And lose that one!
4.You look for new & imaginative places to stuff things when company comes.(Think car trunks,ovens,dryers,bathtubs..these are true things I've heard!!)
5.Room spray is your favorite cleaning product
6.You really don't know what is at the back of the cupboard..& you're afraid to go in that far.
7.You thought the world came in muted tones only because somewhere along the line you stopped recognizing colors without dust.
8.You justify dust as building up your immune system.
9.You justify disorder with saying it improves & promotes memory function.
10. You tell people that you are a "collector'' & don't mention that it is cool whip containers & odd socks that form some of your more stunning collections.
If one or more of these are true,you may be in need of a little help in cleaning & organization. And Auntie Jill is here to help!! Stay tuned for future postings!!

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