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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the Lake

Isn't this little lady just one of the cutest pincushions you've ever seen?? She also makes a good introduction for a bunch of friends who like to sew.!!
And when we get together we like to eat!! K. brought fresh squeezed lemonade.M. had a pink glass pitcher & glass set,which made it seem extra special!! Look at all that yummy food!! And notice her table runner!!! L. brought a scrumptious cake,I think she said it was a Hummingbird Cake.Bananas,pineapple,walnuts,were some of the special ingredients. Yum!!! Frosted with white buttercream frosting & sprinkled with coconut!!

This is our friend who so graciously invited us for a day at the lake. Who also just happens to be L.'s sweet Mom!!A day to sew,visit,eat....time to spend together. I am blessed! I asked the ladies how they got into quilting & was surprised to find M.,K., & L., had not been sewing all their life!!! They had taken a quilting class,I'm not sure how many years back & caught the sewing bug then!! a wonderful quilter,has made so many for loved one's. She told me she has a book where she has pictures of most of the ones she's made. I'd love to see that sometime!!!

L. & I got to do a little canoeing!!! Love it,love it!!!It's been a long time for me,something I enjoyed very much in my teens!! It felt so good & right to be out on the water.When I was young,we spent much time at my Grandparents camp on a lake.I am definitely still a waterbaby who isn't on the water very often!!!!
This is L.'s hand work project.It's a beautifully embroidered Christmas cloth.
Another snap.You can also see part of a sewing bag she made that's wonderful!
This beautiful red & white Cathedral Window quilt is one of the projects M. is working on.
Hm,here she is again!! We'll just say "hello" again because I don't know how to delete the lil' darling!! M. found her at an antique shop!
This quilt is vibrant with color &design in person!! It is color that invites you in.M. said that the green print fabric was a re- purposed fabric-possibly curtains? It is one of those Stack-n-Whacks,so each star is a kaleidoscope of pattern & color. Delightful!!!

This is one of K.'s projects-I love this!!!! It is a miniature paper-pieced basket wall hanging done in repro Civil War fabrics. They are so teeny,tiny perfect!! It's going to be gorgeous when finished!!

K. also worked on a Patriotic Needlepunch. Can you see the sheep?!!

One of the things I worked on ,was sewing up these potholders, out of fabric leftover from my mother-in- law's apron!! I'll have to mail them up to her!!! All in all,an absolutely wonderful day!! Thanks,friends ,you bless my heart!!! You bring me love,laughter,comfort,cheer & I thank God for each of you!!!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hey I want to go to the lake and have all that fun too! It looks like such a great place such a wonderful time.