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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime- & the living is easy!

Is that a great smile or what??!! This is at 3:30 Am this morning!! How many people do you know who can be this exuberant in the middle of the night?!! Is a "Wow" in order here?!! Yep, He's in the air right now,won't be arriving till Fri. night, Japan time.Couldn't have had a better visit unless it was longer.Bless his heart,he even did some big chores & errands for us-thanks so much Trav,you're the best!!!!
And what better way to chase the blues away then to spend some time sewing at my friends camp at the lake? Mariam was working on a log cabin quilt for her grandson. I also snapped some pic's of the block of the month quilt she's been working on-they'll be coming up soon as I can!
Leslie is M.'s daughter & today she was working on a beautiful floral applique quilt that I didn't get a pic of.
Best pic of the day!!! YES, IAM PREJUDICE!!!!!! This is Summer,one of our beautiful expectant daughters!!! Arianna is due to arrive August 2nd (or sooner,c'mon baby!!!).Everyone tells me the grandparenting thing is amazing. Well, just being the grand mother in waiting has been great....all those remembrances brought to mind with none of the effects-I'm thinking I'm going to breeze through labor this time around!!! Doctor appt. tomorrow-I hope something's happening,don't you?!! I'm starting to think I'd better read that manual on labor & wouldn't be cool to flip through the pages & find out she's breathing wrong now,would it?! Hm, how did those Indian squaws hang onto a tree limb,give birth,walk back into camp & grind the corn for dinner? And all without manuals & diagrams? I've a theory this is to draw our attention away from the big bucks we now pay to have a birth where you don't have to make dinner for a tribe afterwards. Okay,ladies, put that way ,reading the manual is a small price to pay,isn't it??!!!

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