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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Talked with Ashley yesterday.. she &her family are on vacation...she said she's doing great..aside from some heat stroke that gave her double vision...& having her shoulder or vertebrae out of place...which made her hurt every time she moved..or breathed. Funny, I would not call that "great". I wonder how she was really doing, if the present condition is being called" great". If that is the definition of "great"how do you think "good "would be defined?! Dialysis? Comatose?!!!! My,my,my it's all about perspective,isn't it??!! Trust me,my "great" is a whole lot better than hers..but it kinda makes me afraid to wish anyone a "good" day, much less a "great" one!!! So, here's a hope & prayer that your day is blessed!!!

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