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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sisters & Daughters

Got alot of family networking going on here!! That's my sister Debbie with the brown hair & her new lovely sunroom that looks out towards the lake. She had us up for lunch last week My sister Yvonne, & Deb's youngest daughter,Mandy joined us.
What a great day,Deb had arranged for us to make some fun floral arrangements for Fall. This is not by any means an area of expertise for me. I was depending on Deb to get back from the Dr.s & fix it up!!! It actually came out rather good & didn't need too much fixing up!! It's greeting people in my front room now.
All those fun cards were for Ashley's "Mail Away Baby Shower". Thanks to Deb & Yvonne helping Sum & I, we made 30!!!! All so cute!! Thanks, girls, you guys made "work" REALLY,really fun!!! Love the laughter we can share.
Still have cold?allergy? Hopefully, I'll get back to posting soon!!
Ps. How do you like our little darling,below??!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, it's Summer hacking into Mom's account to post pictures of Ariana for all of you....She is doing so, so good and growing so much. I can't believe she's 2 months already! I guess she's about 11lbs. now and starting to outgrow all her newborn sized clothes. She's still such a happy baby and is smiling and cooing alot more. It makes it so much fun now that she interacts with us. She also is very, very wiggly and I'm afraid when the time does come for her to start walking, her feet are going to hit the ground running... She loves to lay on the floor and have play time, kicking her little legs and waving her arms. She really likes the toys that crinkle like a chip bag and loves to watch her mobile go round. We all absolutely love her and she is the best part of every day! Love to all of you!
-Summer and Ariana

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The View

from up top!

so, I can no longer fit in maternity clothes... this week has been challenge of finding shirts that are long enough to cover the pants that are now unbuttoned, rubber-banded together, and also slowly becoming unable to zip. As for the whole shirt situation, I find that every thing is about 5 inches shorter in the front than in the back. Who knew that people made clothes so poorly!

Here are some pictures of things I got at my baby shower! Soon to be followed by pictures of the actual shower!

Still, have this dumb cold-maybe it's allergies?? Anyway I 'm not getting much of anything done except being with Summer & Ariana & going where they're going. Yesterday was gorgeous & we got to spend it at a lake -again!! It couldn't have been more beautiful or relaxing. We met two new people & one of the girls was from our old hometown & her Mom is in a dinner club with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law.. Go figure!!!!! That was too much fun!!! Maureen's camp is so inviting,it could be in a magazine!! What a great day she gave us-thanks,Maureen!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friend Em & Baby sweetums' here for a visit!

Before & After- You're beautiful,Sum!!!

Princess Sweetiepie in her baby jiggle chair!!! Grammy STILL has a cold. Baby had her shots & as you can see from the photo is doing very well!! I haven't done much of anything,have hardly even thought of sewing but here's a tip I think you might like-
Tip: The scraps of leftover batting we have from projects make wonderful "thread catchers". Just wipe off your ironing board,cutting mat, & sewing surfaces with a piece of leftover batting. Picks up all those little threads like magic!
I did straighten my bathroom drawers yesterday & got rid of a number of things that were just using space. Things like samples I never try, something you tried ,didn't like, but felt bad about tossing,things like make-up that is 3-4 years old. It's GOOD to clean house!!
I go back & forth between 2 schools of thought. Sometimes I like to be as absolutely minimalist as I can, to narrow things down to the absolute essentials. Other times, I really enjoy having many things that are task specific. When I'm in the minimalist phase,I want to have the least amount of things that can tackle all my cleaning tasks. In my kitchen, I have dish liquid soap,doubling as our hand cleaner, dishwasher detergent & Bon Ami scrubbing powder.That's it. 3 things that are easy to store,easy to stock up if there's a good sale-because there's space. How is it I 've got space?? Because I don't have 12 different things I'm using, I have the space to store & stock up on the 3 different things I do use & need.
How about you?? Do you have space in your cupboards & shelves?? Know what's there & are using it?? If not,do some weeding out,bring it down to a manageable level.You'll be glad you did!! Start small, on one drawer or cupboard that's not too bad, it will motivate you to tackle more & bigger cleaning/organizing tasks!
Shelves aren't the only things that need attention. Sometimes old attitudes, like grudges we hold, envy of others, or gossip we've spread or remember, sit on the shelves of our hearts & we lose track of the things we really want, like love, joy & peace. We need to get rid of some of the old attitudes & thought patterns we hang onto to make space for the better things. ....It's even better to have our hearts shine than it is our shelves!!!! Hope your's is shining today!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

One of my favorite paintings done by my Mom.Have you ever noticed the unique cantilevered barns of PA??

Here's what's in my morning reading pile right now.The Thomas Kinkade one's on top.

Definitely time to add some Fall touches to our home! The needlepunch is one I did last year -can't remember if I've posted it before.

This is a wool mat I made last year-I love it!!

We're back!!! But I'm still suffering with this cold.I'm sure it's on it's way out & I can't wait to say "good riddance"!
Mornings are mostly chilly now & it feels so good to be snuggled into my warm bathrobe with a steaming cup of tea in hand. I'm reading 3 devotionals lately. One is called "Every Day Light" by Selwyn Hughes & Thomas Kinkade. I think I must have got my Mom this for Christmas one year & now,it's come back to me. He is not my favorite artist ( You know that's you, Mom!!) but I very much enjoy him as an author.This new to me devotional does not disappoint.The passage for today was Ps. 86:1-17, focusing on vs. 11, about giving us an undivided heart, not being caught up in self-interest but God-interest. What honors God in the situation I'm in??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How is it such a small thing can completely rob us of our hearts?? Everyday Ariana changes,everyday we're mesmerized by tiny smiles & sweet baby coo's....& there will be 2 precious boys arriving not too far down the road.We're blessed.
Sometimes it's easier to see what we don't have rather than what we do.We wonder at God's seeming silence in the midst of painful difficulties.We know what we WANT & don't understand why we can't have it.I'm talking about wanting good things-healthy children,happy marriages,etc.. Things we want & feel like we need that remain far off in our lives.Sometimes we are philosophical over are lack's,other times we are desperate & angry,wanting to pound heaven's door down for what we want RIGHT NOW.
Can I share something?? Contentment is not when we get everything we need. Contentment is choosing to be satisfied with what we have at any given moment. There is part of a verse that comes to my mind-"Godliness with contentment is great gain''. You know what that means to me-seeking to know & honor God in all I do & being content with His choices & timing. Contentment is learned. ..... & where do we learn it??? That's right, in the day to day stuff. Sometimes it's a simple matter of looking at all that He is & stop focusing on what we aren't or what we don't have. When we turn our eyes on Him it brings rest to our spirits.
Ariana has a pacifier,it's called a "soothie". I love that. If she has little troubles,she clamps her little rosebud lips on it & sucks vigorously & her crying fades away or she falls asleep....God has offered us "soothies", in His Word, in His Presence. Ariana has a deliberate searching for her soothie when she's upset...we'd be wise to do so also. He promises peace,joy,comfort & pretty much all we need in His Presence- if that isn't a grown -up version of a 'soothie" I don't know what is...Hoping your day is filled with His peace & joy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sometimes she finds her thumb!!

The picture in the middle, of Ariana, reminds me so much of a picture of Summer as a baby.
Growing & stretching everyday!

Grammy Jill has a cold,so it's an easy meal in the crockpot.
Fun little peanutbutter donuts-I frosted them with a yummy chocolate/peanutbutter icing.Yum!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The waiting game-Again!!!

The "Waiting Game" is turning into my favorite game!!I'm pretty excited with the boys on their way!! Isn't pregnancy amazing?! That a woman's body can hold & grow & nurture a brand new life? I loved being pregnant with our 3 children long ago. There is a special kinship of heart as MY daughters now become mothers of their own children.Ariana has arrived & now we're waiting for the twins. I know I'm a tad prejudiced,but Mommy, Daddy & babies look absolutely beautiful to me!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

And now, at 32 weeks:

And the lastest ultrasound pictures: