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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How is it such a small thing can completely rob us of our hearts?? Everyday Ariana changes,everyday we're mesmerized by tiny smiles & sweet baby coo's....& there will be 2 precious boys arriving not too far down the road.We're blessed.
Sometimes it's easier to see what we don't have rather than what we do.We wonder at God's seeming silence in the midst of painful difficulties.We know what we WANT & don't understand why we can't have it.I'm talking about wanting good things-healthy children,happy marriages,etc.. Things we want & feel like we need that remain far off in our lives.Sometimes we are philosophical over are lack's,other times we are desperate & angry,wanting to pound heaven's door down for what we want RIGHT NOW.
Can I share something?? Contentment is not when we get everything we need. Contentment is choosing to be satisfied with what we have at any given moment. There is part of a verse that comes to my mind-"Godliness with contentment is great gain''. You know what that means to me-seeking to know & honor God in all I do & being content with His choices & timing. Contentment is learned. ..... & where do we learn it??? That's right, in the day to day stuff. Sometimes it's a simple matter of looking at all that He is & stop focusing on what we aren't or what we don't have. When we turn our eyes on Him it brings rest to our spirits.
Ariana has a pacifier,it's called a "soothie". I love that. If she has little troubles,she clamps her little rosebud lips on it & sucks vigorously & her crying fades away or she falls asleep....God has offered us "soothies", in His Word, in His Presence. Ariana has a deliberate searching for her soothie when she's upset...we'd be wise to do so also. He promises peace,joy,comfort & pretty much all we need in His Presence- if that isn't a grown -up version of a 'soothie" I don't know what is...Hoping your day is filled with His peace & joy!

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