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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friend Em & Baby sweetums' here for a visit!

Before & After- You're beautiful,Sum!!!

Princess Sweetiepie in her baby jiggle chair!!! Grammy STILL has a cold. Baby had her shots & as you can see from the photo is doing very well!! I haven't done much of anything,have hardly even thought of sewing but here's a tip I think you might like-
Tip: The scraps of leftover batting we have from projects make wonderful "thread catchers". Just wipe off your ironing board,cutting mat, & sewing surfaces with a piece of leftover batting. Picks up all those little threads like magic!
I did straighten my bathroom drawers yesterday & got rid of a number of things that were just using space. Things like samples I never try, something you tried ,didn't like, but felt bad about tossing,things like make-up that is 3-4 years old. It's GOOD to clean house!!
I go back & forth between 2 schools of thought. Sometimes I like to be as absolutely minimalist as I can, to narrow things down to the absolute essentials. Other times, I really enjoy having many things that are task specific. When I'm in the minimalist phase,I want to have the least amount of things that can tackle all my cleaning tasks. In my kitchen, I have dish liquid soap,doubling as our hand cleaner, dishwasher detergent & Bon Ami scrubbing powder.That's it. 3 things that are easy to store,easy to stock up if there's a good sale-because there's space. How is it I 've got space?? Because I don't have 12 different things I'm using, I have the space to store & stock up on the 3 different things I do use & need.
How about you?? Do you have space in your cupboards & shelves?? Know what's there & are using it?? If not,do some weeding out,bring it down to a manageable level.You'll be glad you did!! Start small, on one drawer or cupboard that's not too bad, it will motivate you to tackle more & bigger cleaning/organizing tasks!
Shelves aren't the only things that need attention. Sometimes old attitudes, like grudges we hold, envy of others, or gossip we've spread or remember, sit on the shelves of our hearts & we lose track of the things we really want, like love, joy & peace. We need to get rid of some of the old attitudes & thought patterns we hang onto to make space for the better things. ....It's even better to have our hearts shine than it is our shelves!!!! Hope your's is shining today!!

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