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Friday, September 12, 2008

The running of the ??!!!!!!!

Okay,I live in NY. Yes,it's turned colder.My house is old.Dan thinks it was built right around the Civil War.We live in the country.Think Autumn.Cold.Old House.CRITTERS.Yes,it is time for critters looking for a warm place to reside in.
I woke up early yesterday morning,trailing my blanket behind me & laid down on the couch.What did my wondering ears hear?? Have you seen the running of the bulls in Spain??Frantic bulls,frantic people?? We have our own version of that in an old house.Our version has mice involved in it.Mice,I am sure that have proliferated since the Civil War.They probably first entered the house trying to avoid enlistment-think how unhandy it would be living in a sack of grain,constantly hoisted & thrown about.Thus,our house must have appeared as the Hilton for mousedom.Oh, hurray for word of mouse advertising, it's obviously very effective.Generationally effective.When we were restoring our home & ripped some of the walls down to the studs,we saw the ruins of ancient mouse civilizations.Also,some modern ones with the inhabitants still residing.
Mice are small.Some are even rendered as cute in illustrations.Dan says "what are they going to do to you,honey?" Well,for starters they get my heart going more rapidly then a teenager's on a motorcycle.Adrenaline is surging through my body with the force of a tsunami. There is a moment of pure paralyzing fear before my feet take off on a flight of their own. Have you tried to run without actually touching the floor?!! I'm in the expert class. I'm sure this is just another one of those things where I look hilarious without meaning to.What I should look is terrified!!Because I am.....
Well, hubby has started the trapline. By the sound of things,it should be another good year-

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ick mice. Ick ick. I hate them. I'm actually terrified of them. Small, small yes, but terrifying! When we remodeled our kitchen we found where mice had eaten insulation and come down from the roof! Yes the roof. We fixed that pronto and havne't had any since. YET! We live out a bit too and mice love to come in. But I HATE THEM.