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Monday, September 8, 2008

Here's Ariana on her new blankie from the folks in Florida. She loved everything in her surprise box Aunt Ashley,Taylor & Shelly!!!

Here she is doing her morning stretches!Ariana is now spending more time stretching & wiggling on her own.She tries very hard to turn over but hasn't quite mastered that yet!

On Friday night, we went up to Oneida Lake for a surprise party. Guess who else turned 50 this year?!! My sister Debbie!!

That's my Mom she's hugging here!! It was a surprise party put on by her children.Wonders of wonders,it actually managed to stay a surprise!!

Boy, oh boy, we know how to have fun, kicking up our heels,doin' the YMCA & finding out we have an undiscovered champion shuffleboard player in my little Mom!!! Hey, Deb-hope all your dreams come true for your 50th & you find happiness in everyday! We love you!!!

And on Saturday-another party!! This one for Summer & Ariana,hosted by my friends from church

Thelma makes beautiful cakes that mark the occasion. Every event I can think of has a cake from this lovely widow,I wonder how many she's made through the years.She is such a sweet example of quiet faithfulness & joyful serving.Thank-you Thelma!!

I just had to show you how hard we were all at work before the party.Thanks,Emily-our nails were once again lovely due to our resident manicurist extraordinaire!!

Jane-our friend who worked hard to bless us with this party.Thelma -our fabulous cake maker, Carol, Terry .Ruthie & Kayla!

Chris, Pam,Patty,Roni,Lacey,Joyce. Thank-you lovely friends,not just for what you did for Summer & Ariana but for being the women you are. You touch others with His love in so many ways.

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Just Me said...

Thanks for the update....much nicer to have new info when I went to your blog(now my morning is complete). Ariana is getting soooo big...we so enjoy having Summer and Ariana next door they are such a blessing.~~~~Brenda