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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ariana already has a host of nicknames & for whatever reason,Thumbelina is one I've given her. It seems to me we had a "Thumbelina" doll. You could stick her thumb in her mouth & it seems she either squirmed or fussed when you wound her up or pulled her string? Anyone else remember these dolls?? With 2 older sisters, I'm not always sure if they were their dolls or mine. Anyways,here's our very own Thumbelina taking her her nap on her Boppy.Belly time must have exhausted her! She also has caught sniffles,poor lil' thing-Grandma hopes she makes a quick recovery!

This is the quilt I'm working on now.Those 2 1/2 " strips are strip pieced to another 2 1/2" strip then,cut into 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" segments. The segment is joined with another pair & then sewn into the 4 patch blocks shown here. I don't have the directions right in front of me but I think I've made 64 of those. Now,I've started work on the next block-a pinwheel. This quilt is made from Civil War reproduction fabrics. I loved it the first time I saw it!! I'm really enjoying working on this!!
Dan & I have this thing for the Civil War..... I have my suspicions that Dan is actually a secret Southern rebel with smoldering attitudes towards the northern oppressors... who just happens to be born in the north!! "Gods & Generals" & "Gettysburg" are a couple of our all time favorite movies....some of our children thought that was the ONLY movie we watched!!! Hey, there's also "Glory" we own!!
We have visited "Stonewall" Jackson's home,seen the Military School (Virginia Military Institute) he taught in,visited the monument in the cemetary where people still leave lemons as a remembrance. (S. J.was known for the lemons he was always eating.) We've visited a ton of books... the quilt seems like the next logical thing,doesn't it ?!!!

Lynne,her Mom,Betty & Summer at the picnic. Lynne surprised Ariana with the cutest piggy bank to match her first tea set that she had already given to her.

These pictures are purely for Travis.... & I'm sure you know just what these are,don't you Trav?!! There's more to come, Trav. Dad took a bunch of them!!!!


Emilyyy said...

awww. i love our little angel girl!!! :)
havent seen you in awhile... school and work...its keeping me crazy busy! love you!

Emilyyy said...

i think we need an update, gramma jilly!