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Monday, September 1, 2008


Happy Labor Day All.... & "Bunny" for those in the know ! Dan "bunny'd' me at 12 :o3 AM-see what I mean about a little competitive problem??? I'm personally thinking of changing some rules here for a better chance for lil' ol me.Dan actually said "Pre -bunny" before that-can you imagine?!!!! Like I'm really gonna let him win with such an obvious violation of the rules!!!!!
Labor Day is a 3 day weekend for the working man & now,working women also.We 'll be going to our friends home, in the picture above, for a picnic.
Yesterday,after church,friends invited us to the lake for a picnic that lasted all day.It was my kind of day-good talk,lot's of laughter,great friends,tons of food, all outside at a really pretty lake.It just doesn't get better than that!!!! Life's pretty good,isn't it?!! I find myself savoring the time I have outside,already thinking that beautiful days & warm nights will be lessening & yielding to cool,crisp Autumn days & nights. Labor Day weekend is touched with bitter sweetness for me, I want to draw the days forth like the thread being formed slowly,in smooth rhythm from the spindle. To stretch & linger in this time before yielding to the inevitability of change.......
Hoping you find yourself refreshed this Labor Day weekend,spending time with the friends & family you love!!

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