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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sisters & Daughters

Got alot of family networking going on here!! That's my sister Debbie with the brown hair & her new lovely sunroom that looks out towards the lake. She had us up for lunch last week My sister Yvonne, & Deb's youngest daughter,Mandy joined us.
What a great day,Deb had arranged for us to make some fun floral arrangements for Fall. This is not by any means an area of expertise for me. I was depending on Deb to get back from the Dr.s & fix it up!!! It actually came out rather good & didn't need too much fixing up!! It's greeting people in my front room now.
All those fun cards were for Ashley's "Mail Away Baby Shower". Thanks to Deb & Yvonne helping Sum & I, we made 30!!!! All so cute!! Thanks, girls, you guys made "work" REALLY,really fun!!! Love the laughter we can share.
Still have cold?allergy? Hopefully, I'll get back to posting soon!!
Ps. How do you like our little darling,below??!!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What cute darling females. Life with lots of women is great. I should know! The baby is adorable.