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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kitchen madness continues

Ahhh, to close out the day, why not rip some walls out??!! It's better than watching tv,it's good for my figure & we need to get it done!! What does this involve? A layer of screwed in sheetrock, a layer of "milkhouse board" that is nailed every 4 inches or so, lath that is hard to describe. We couldn't lay our hands on the camera at the time & I was in my work groove. I've never seen anything like the construction of this house.Let's just say we have grave doubts about calling him a craftsman or skillful.We would call him amazing; ingenious;words fail me. I must surely get a picture of the house skeletal system for you. Anyways,it's been a very good workday with lots of work still lying ahead & of course,the ever present time crunch. Hey, it's out of my hands,I'm turning every bit of this project over to the master carpenter...... there's no one better to be in charge of this project!!!


My deadly assistant-The Stepstool.
My friendly helps-Mr. Workglove & Miss Dustmask.

The Job-Make one nice white ceiling dissappear.

Tiles gone!

Only the Professionals play with the electric.
I'm more in charge of destruction.

Clean-up finishes the job.

Completed!!!! And in need of a break!!


"If you can't take the heat...get out of the kitchen." Wellll, instead,we thought we'd get the kitchen out, 'stead of us!

I've got it all boxed up & D is ripping things out.

Flooring ripped up yesterday.

Today's agenda involves tearing the ceiling down.What I've learned so far-

  1. Move step stool so you don't fall over it/on it.
  2. Don't wear sandals so you don't get your toes caught in step stool & trip,fall over/on it.
  3. Wear work gloves before scraping skin off your hand from floor tiles.
  4. Put work gloves on before scraping skin off the second time.
  5. Wear work gloves before ramming fingers into crow bar.
  6. Wear a belt with loose pants. Self -explanatory.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dan & I are remodeling the kitchen. So far, I've got it packed up & Dan has removed the cabinets in the back part. Already, temporary kitchen quarters mess with my head as I go to grab something that is no longer there! And we aren't even to the fun part, yet!! It's kind of exciting, like anticipating Christmas or a new baby .......
Which reminds me-does everyone know that Travis & Neiceoli are married??!!!
It's been a little crazy around here with a visit from Mom & Dad, trip to Waldron's for floooring, kitchen stuff, Summer & lil" Miss A, trip to Lowe's, my neice's wedding, trip to Stock Lumber, making a scrapbook for T & N, trip to Sears for appliances,Sum's birthday......
Hope all is well with you!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

These are some pictures of our birthday princess enjoying her cake! As you can see, she grabbed the piece with two hands and starting shoveling it in- she was born ready for cake!!! We had a wonderful birthday party here at the house with so many special people in our lives present. We are so blessed with a wonderful family and dear friends!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some recent pictures of my beautiful cousins!

I have recently had the opportunity to do pictures for my two cousins- family pictures for Melissa and her fiance, Shannon and engagement pictures for Mandy and Josh. I also am doing the wedding photography for Mandy and Josh this upcoming weekend. I am super excited and have all sorts of creative ideas running through my brain- keeping me awake at night while I try to convince it to turn off and think about photography in the morning! I absolutely love this creative outlet- expressing myself through this form of art and capturing the everyday beauty in people's lives for them to cherish. I have a senior photo shoot coming up soon and am hoping to find more. I have been really praying and asking God to open doors for me in this part time business venture, so I am blessed with the recent opportunities that I have had! If anyone knows of anyone who needs photos done....

Love to all, Summer

p.s. pictures of Ariana will be coming soon again!