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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some recent pictures of my beautiful cousins!

I have recently had the opportunity to do pictures for my two cousins- family pictures for Melissa and her fiance, Shannon and engagement pictures for Mandy and Josh. I also am doing the wedding photography for Mandy and Josh this upcoming weekend. I am super excited and have all sorts of creative ideas running through my brain- keeping me awake at night while I try to convince it to turn off and think about photography in the morning! I absolutely love this creative outlet- expressing myself through this form of art and capturing the everyday beauty in people's lives for them to cherish. I have a senior photo shoot coming up soon and am hoping to find more. I have been really praying and asking God to open doors for me in this part time business venture, so I am blessed with the recent opportunities that I have had! If anyone knows of anyone who needs photos done....

Love to all, Summer

p.s. pictures of Ariana will be coming soon again!

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Marlene said...

The pictures are
fantastic. Love, Gram M.