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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dan & I are remodeling the kitchen. So far, I've got it packed up & Dan has removed the cabinets in the back part. Already, temporary kitchen quarters mess with my head as I go to grab something that is no longer there! And we aren't even to the fun part, yet!! It's kind of exciting, like anticipating Christmas or a new baby .......
Which reminds me-does everyone know that Travis & Neiceoli are married??!!!
It's been a little crazy around here with a visit from Mom & Dad, trip to Waldron's for floooring, kitchen stuff, Summer & lil" Miss A, trip to Lowe's, my neice's wedding, trip to Stock Lumber, making a scrapbook for T & N, trip to Sears for appliances,Sum's birthday......
Hope all is well with you!!!

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