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Friday, March 27, 2009

Our front room is going from baby overflow to Ashley's packed boxes,getting ready to move.North Dakota-here we come!! But not till mid-April. The boys are at a wonderful age,full of coo's, smiles & laughs.They interact more with each other,besides little arms batting at each other randomly,they can control their motor skills & take aim with increased accuracy.Such as, Zane, seeing Gavin's bare piggies waving about in the air,was able to grab them & PUT THEM IN HIS MOUTH!!!! Really,with all the teethers,pacifiers,child safe chew toys,I think their preference remains their own drool chapped little digits!!!
I think about their move more as it gets closer.I am really hoping not to go through some new form of heart rending empty nest thing. I'll admit it,there are moments when I would welcome a little solitary quietness-BUT NOT EVERY MOMENT!! Hmm,sounds like I'll be making some adjustments! One of my favorite flights of fancy is how much I'll get done-like painting,having a 100 or so people over,sewing & finishing things I've already started,spring cleaning,selling some things on e-bay,keeping in touch,making cards & sending them,keeping up with my blog....!!!!! Right! Like I kept up with all this before?!!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Jill you make me laugh. I know how you feel. You want peace when you want it and company when you want it! Hey we deserve it.