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Sunday, June 29, 2008

There are also some new posts further down on the page-blog lessons needed!!!! I went to a picnic Fri., with this friend ,for "Ugly Quilts".Before I tell you about U. Q.,let me tell you about the place it was at!! One of the members has a wonderful place & we got to experience the pure pleasure of their labors.The pictures don't do it justice AT ALL. It was a few acres of a peaceful & beautiful respite. Landscaped,gardened,mowed,little bridges,a pond with a dock,a tiny cabin hidden away in a back lot. A creek,stone fence,garden paths... & so much more. Walking about was pure delight & a good idea after all the tasty dishes we'd indulged in!!

Here's a view of the pond in the back lot. Serene.Quiet. A spot for family gatherings-there is a dock for swim time.The world disappears when you are here. What a gift of hospitality Betty & her family so willingly shared.We had such a wonderful day! "Ugly Quilts" is an organization that makes a quilt/sleeping bag for the homeless.The founder of the U.Q. ,Flo, was there from PA. She has a fascinating story about how it began & what God has done through it all.Her British husband,a British cousin & a friend who is her"right hand" accompanied her. Why "Ugly" Quilts? They are made warm & ugly so they won't be sold.Flo started with one 7 by 7 foot quilt to help one person & then continued to make 8 quilts for that year.Her neighbors noticed what she was doing & asked Flo to show her how to make them also. It snowballed from there & continues today. All because of a seed in her heart to reach out to someone with compassion.She has a story in an old issue of Guideposts that tells the story better than I. Amazing what God can do when we put hearts & hands into following Him!!

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