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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our boy!!!

Okay, I call him our" boy" but this is really one tough Airman who works out every day.He does his duty.He serves his country.He calls every week from Japan because his Mom worries otherwise.His smile lights up a room.His laugh is contagious.He can work;think & talk motors like his Dad.He had a lawnmower repair business at age 12.He worked one summer trimming Christmas trees.He has built decks & gazebo's.He repaired & put together snowmobiles.He drove tractor.Milked cows. And everything else you do on a farm.He has carpentered.He has been in the Steamfitter"s & Pipe fitter's Union.He survived boot camp. He has lived in NY,Texas & Japan.
And we love him to pieces! This pic was taken July 7th 2007,Travis was on his way to Japan.Travis will soon be on leave & returning to the U.S. I can't wait to see that"boy" again!He was always our "morning child",you know,the one who can actually talk soon after getting up,appears to think & function without the benefit of legal stimulants,actually looks & seems,I hope THAT hasn't changed!!! Soon,the picture will change to a picture of his arrival & that's something wonderful to look forward to!! Sending lots of love to you today & everyday, Travis!

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Dawn said...

I so understand your wanting to see your son...
My son Zach was stationed in Misawa for a couple of years...and also did 7 months in Iraq...
His twin is at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK...probably for a long time. We are heading up there tomorrow for his wedding reception..spending a few days.

As far as Shades...Go to the link on my sidebar and look around there for the info on joining in.
I'm not doing the flickr group since I am almost to my photo limit without upgrading to a pro account.

Thanks again for stopping in, Jill.