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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Always,always love to be making something!! This a punchneedle embroidery piece I did for the Fall.
This quilt was another delight to sew.It was for baby Gage,my nieces' son.The blue fabric has green turtles all over it & I was thrilled to find a stuffed lovey to go with it.My model in the photo is Julia, a Gotz doll I got for one of my birthdays.(40?41? later?). For those who know us well,you will recognize Julia as the friend & cohort of our invisible cat-MoMo Kittypants.We unashamedly "stole" the cat from friends,his personality & adventures differ from their MoMo. I like to think they are distant relations sharing the same name.

On one of the web sites I like to visit they play a game-a color is chosen & you post your photos that are in that color.What a great boost for a little creativity! This varied little collection is residing on the dining room cupboard.It will probably stay there the whole summer.

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