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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Praye request

Ashley called from the hospital tonight.She's been having alot of pain for a couple weeks now & not feeling really good.Well,it got so bad at work,along with being sick,that she had to go into her Dr.'s,they did a urinalysis & it appears she's got a kidney stone(s?).She was very dehydrated from being sick so she has an IV,pain med. & an antibiotic.They can't x-ray or whatever it is they to do to find out, because of the babies. The babies are fine.Ashley's got some sleep(she hasn't been able to sleep for days because of the pain) since they gave her the pain med,& she'll be overnight at the hospital tonight. They're allowing her a clear liquid diet &she was very hungry,I take that as a good sign.(Wish I were there,Ash,you're in my prayers,love you, honey)

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