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Monday, May 4, 2009

$40.00 Grocery Challenge

"Economy","economize", "going green", recycle,re-use those are the words that buzz in our ears from all directions.Probably,for a lot of you, like me, being "earth-friendly" looks & sounds like what used to be called "frugal" or "being a thrifty housewife", a good steward of the resources we've been blessed with. I don't know about you but I find the less I have the more creative I become.
  • I'm going to bring you along on one of my challenges-$40.00 a week for groceries for 2.

Sunday- Featured a 5 lb. roast chicken for .89 a lb. I roasted this in the oven with a little butter & seasonings. I also par boiled 3 potato's & 8 slender sweet carrots. I drained those,sprinkled them with flour,then shook them in the lidded pan & added to the same pan as the roast chicken with a drizzle of olive oil & a dash of salt & pepper.

  • From that one roasted chicken I have 2 thigh & drum pieces that will be for 2 of hubby's lunch.I still have enough chicken for 2 other meals to come.
  • Price total for one meal from that chicken-less than $2.50

  • Monday-Almost a lb. of country ribs at $1.55.I've mixed up a bbq sauce with honey,catalina dressing,soy sauce,hot sauce,plum jelly & a dash of ginger from my pantry & have that going in my slo-cooker. I'm going to serve this with maple sweet potatoes,possibly oven fries & leftover baked beans.Can of sweet potatoes estimated at a $1.00
  • Price total for this meal-$2.55

I won't grocery shop till after the ads come out this week,so these meals come from my stocked freezer & pantry. I'm not adding in the price of condiments,spices etc. that are stock items in my pantry.Let me know what budget friendly,tasty meals you're whipping up, too!

On the sewing table-An extremely cute & fun bag made from Moda's Honeybun strips & a layout for a table runner made with charm squares. So much fun to get back to some sewing!!

Some of the sweetest faces in the world to me!!!

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