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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remember I told you they pumped our gas & washed our window? This pic was taken there.Pretty interesting,huh?!!!
The landscape of North Dakota is liberally dotted with these. In the fields we would also see the shiny cylindrical seed bins.So different from here,we just don't see seed stored one year to be planted on the fields the next. The farms,of course,also have seed bins & I also saw that many homes without a barn on their property had as many as five of them.We are talking BIG COUNTRY!!!Gone are the small farm practices in this Paul Bunyan-ese landscape.

I had to get a picture of this!!! Somehow, it tickled me to see a McD's ala cabin-style.This was taken in The Dells of Wisconsin.You drive & drive & then suddenly come up on these places in the middle of nowhere. This vacation hot spot was full of water parks,inside ones, outside ones & even one exclusively for pets. It's a resort town & reminded me of being up in our own beautiful Adirondacks. It appeared to be a rather prosperous town.

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