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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yesterday was great,wasn't it? Sunny,mild. A day that shows up the winter dinginess left indoors that makes you want to spring clean. And that is pretty much what I did all day.I baked a cake,too. Dan's favorite-vanilla with chocolate frosting.Boys were adorable again-go figure!!!
How about you? Spring cleaning on your agenda?Here's some tips to get you started in the living room!
Pick up the room first. Put books back on the shelves,magazines back in their holder.
Put away anything on table surfaces that doesn't belong there.Throw out what can be thrown out.
Do you have glass bric brac? An easy way to clean that is in your dishwasher. Use your shortest cycle with warm, not hot, water. Everything will be bright & shiny with that layer of dust gone.

Dust all surfaces that can be dusted. I like to use the Pledge that comes in the blue can.It smells great & everything is all shiny after cleaning with it.
Side note- I REALLY like cleaning products!! I get excited about Mr. Clean erasers! I seriously considered getting Mrs. Meyer gingerbread scented cleaners in a cute cardboard caddy for gifts. That is till I said it aloud to Dan. Somehow it sounded a little crazy,my friends don't get excited about cleaning products the way I do....I don't think some are excited about cleaning-period. It must be the fumes, Orange Wood Glo, Pink Grapefruit All Surface spray cleaner,lavender fabric rinse,all combining to a heady cleaning high!!!

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