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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gavin had just beamed the most adoring, wide blue eyed gaze on his Uncle Nathan-of course I couldn't get THAT look captured!

Isn't this onesie darling? My sweet friend Leslie did these! This is Gavin with the monkey!

And our little guy Zane with the camel. Adorable!!! Wow! What a ride it's been!! And I mean that quite literally!! Dan & I drove out to ND to help move A.,M.,& twins & dogs!!! The first day on the road was pretty grueling,we got up around 5' & didn't get to our motel til 10'PM. Bedtime in our room was after 11:30 with the boys with us! Ashley's only wish was for a "genie nod" to make it all go away-I understood completely!! How'd those pioneer women do it??!!

The second full day on the road brought us into ND at about 9:30 PM.....we were all slightly less exhausted than the day before.....well, maybe Miles & Ashley didn't think so!! We go to check in at the desk to be greeted with an exchange something like this,in a rolling,melodious Indian accent."Yes,we tried to call you. The whole town has been evacuated.We have no water,no sewage, due to the flooding." Did we want the rooms minus water & sewer???!!At this time of night,after being on the road,with two babies,two dogs & when was our last food stop & bathroom break???Let's just say don't get between me & the wind whistling port-a potty!! There was no food in town either but they had a vending machine-it made for a poor supper-did you know you can get microwave popcorn from vending machines???
The third day we reached our destination around 2'. Dan & I were both surprised by ND.We loved it!Loved the land that seemed to stretch into an endless sky. Loved to see acres & acres of fields & grain bins for the durum wheat that is grown there. Loved the small town neighborliness. Loved the folks we talked with. Loved that they pumped our gas & washed our window,loaded our groceries for us & basically welcomed us with friendliness wherever we went.
It was with a happy heart we could board the train back to our home. A & M & twins have settled into a place we feel good about!!

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