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Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's Memorial Day Weekend without a picnic?? It practically seems unpatriotic!! So a few of our friends, Summer & Ariana, shared a hotdog with us this afternoon. We had a great time laughing & relaxing together & of course, maybe a little over eating,for me anyways!!!
Life has seemed to be full of events lately- a cookout, a graduation & party, a visit from my folks, a few shopping trips, a girlfriend day or two & fireworks tonight.....I love summer,don't you? Bright petunias & pale yellow marigolds are blooming on my porch & in my garden this year. Spots of cheerfulness. Like getting together with family & friends,they add a little joy,a dash of brilliant color to our days. Look around-God's goodness is all around us,He is Big & All-Powerful,yes,but it is the "small" things I see His Goodness in. The wind caressing my face,the laughter of babies,the warm hug of an old friend,the sunlight streaming in the window..... a thousand little things God gives to enjoy everyday. I want to live with my eyes wide open & my heart raised in thanks,don't you?
In church, Pastor Kelvin's sermon was on Memorial Day & that people matter. I admit I certainly cried. There were pictures on the power point of military things & at the end,there were pictures of the men & women of our congregation who had or are serving. Nathan & Travis were both on there. A small way to give honor & thanks.I'm so glad for these reminders of how precious life is, even though God tells us ,the best is yet to come.
Here's a little wish & prayer that you got to spend time with your loved ones & realized how wonderful it really is!! Blessings to All-Jill

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