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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roses & Sew-A- Thon

Sometimes what appears to be a mistake turns out to be the best thing of all.......These beautiful roses are from Travis. Dan & I got home late Sat.evening & there was the flower box waiting on the porch for me. I was,frankly,tickled to death, & guessed they HAD to be from Trav. I sent him a little message of thanks & then spoke on the phone with him later.Well, it seems he had ordered a mixed color rose bouquet & was surprised that they were all red.... I told him this little story:
I received a beautiful bouquet of red roses just once before in my life...... from his Dad, on the precious arrival of our son.....25 years later,from that same baby turned man....I get a bouquet of red roses,by "mistake".......I don't think any "mistake"was made at all-do you? Yep, I cried!!

The seeds of greatness start young don't they?! Our little cherubic grand daughter pauses in her busy,busy,busy life to make a card for Daddy. Look at the cards below & I think you can figure out which one she helped make. She really DID NOT like inking her hand nor pressing down her hand for the print.She DID like being in control of the glue stick though!(Yes,notice cap is FIRMLY on!)

Friendship-Whether it's family or friends,they add warmth & light to our days.

THIS is what a sew-a thon looks like in progress!

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