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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Summer made the card above for her mother in law.The one's below I made for our Moms. I've been blessed with two wonderful "Mom's", one through birth & one through marriage. I'm grateful for their presence in my life, for sweet memories, for love & laughter, for shared tears & sorrows, too. Your love has helped make the unbearable able to be born.Your laughter has brought joy to innumerable times spent together. No one else shares the special place you have in my heart-I love you, Mom & Bette, Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!

Last year, both our daughters were expecting their first babies. This year is the first Mother's Day that I celebrate with my own daughters also being Mom's. I remember & relive some of my own mothering moments as I watch them with their children & interacting with the grand babies is pure joy!! Summer has said to me that everyday she wakes up she is so thankful to be Ariana's mother......I feel the same way about my kids, grateful that I got to experience what being a Mom is all about.
Thank-you Summer,Travis & Ashley-You bring joy to my life & I love you each of you so very,very much!!! May the Lord's blessings be on your lives!

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