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Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Day!

You might think these pictures are taken at night but this is when hubby leaves for work in the morning. The "alarm" we wake up to is a local radio station, playing music. I hate to wake to a jarring, intrusive invasion of noise that certainly does make me start my day feeling quite alarmed! This must go back to my school days when I had a Baby Ben wind up alarm clock. The clock itself, I was proud to have. It made me feel grown-up, in a mysterious I'm-responsible-to-get-my-own-self-out-of-bed kind of way. It had glow in the dark tipped hands, so on dark, wintry mornings I could see clearly what time it was that I did not want to get up!
I've been rather laggardly about getting up with Dan lately, but I did this morning. It was the "old farmer's alarm". You know what that is, right? Before alarm clocks, you could drink a glass of water the night before. Depending on timing & amount,this would vary when you woke. Well, I very consciously set my alarm to go off a few minutes before the radio!!
Not only did I get to enjoy morning coffee ( mine had that yummy amaretto creamer!) & few kisses & hugs with Dan but I got to see this glorious snow shower in the glow offset by the dark. I LOVE a good snow, don't you?!!!
How about you? Did you open your eyes to some small token of His goodness? I bet you did! Was it the ability to savor your coffee, warm & darkly rich, beckoning you into your day? Was it being able to enjoy the companionable time with someone you love & know so well? Perhaps, it was the gift of being responsible for little one's well being. Or, like me , to see the beauty of snow showering into the darkness? That ability to appreciate, to enjoy, to see beauty, are a gift from Him, the Creator of All .
From Him, who has given us all things, richly, to enjoy!
May the Lord bless your day with eyes to see, ears to hear & a heart to appreciate all that we've been given!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jill!...Thanks for you email this morning. I like your pictures, because last night we had snow, and so we have a winter wonderland too. I awoke with one of my three granddaughters saying "Grandma, it is morning." argh...I am not a morning person, and hubby is off right now, so the house was still quiet. I have 3 granddaughters spending the night because their mother, my youngest, is having a birthday today and her hubby wants to take her out for the day. They also have a 2 month old they have him. Anyways, I am sitting here after having let the dogs out, with 2 of the girls...Lauren 6 and Gwynie 4. Claire the 2 yr old is still sound asleeep. I need to go put on my point of coffee in a minute. I LOVE COFFEE! I use 1/2 pkg of sweet n low with french vanilla creamer. Yummy. I also like to read the Word in the morning, and usually do my study in the AM...but not with little Hope you have a great day...I will I'm sure!!

Anonymous said...

I re=read my message...oh my...I am not awake...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...
thanks for you reply...YES...My husband loves the Nancy Drew shows from the 70's...we borrow them from our local library! Some where movies from the 40's or 50's and some were TV series, and then in the 70's or 80's there were some movies made. One night hubby and I were watching one of the movies and the DVD stopped working about 2/3 of the way through. Hubby was so upset because he wanted to know how it turned out. I had to go request another library to send me their copy! LOL We finished it then. Glad you enjoyed them too. I didn't discover Nancy Drew until I was in my late 30's! My oldest granddaughter is interested now because Grandma is such a nut. LOL I told here they were really nice books to read. :)