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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a Party!

Hmm, there are cookies missing... & I didn't do it . Really. I ate mine at Joyce's...
My friend Joyce has a party every year, or many parties-she bakes tons of cookies & invites friends, family,church family over to decorate cookies. Besides eating as many cookies as one wants while there, she has a whole counter full of snacks & drinks. Oh boy! Let us be making merry & laughing all the way!! And we do. Seven of us ladies, a whole lot of sugar in many forms & you've got the mixture for one very joyful evening. Okay. I did eat cookies. Quite a few cookies, 4 small mittens & 1 large mitten cookie, to be exact. With frosting. Well, if I'm confessing,with sugar sprinkles and frosting. And they were good. Very good. All 5 of them.
I'd like them to look like Martha Stewart's or her crew that makes them, anyhow. But they don't. Still, did you notice the missing cookies on the first plate? Someone had cookies for breakfast. And I don't believe it was a Christmas mouse. I'm pretty sure it was you-know-who. My own personal Cooky Monster... I had just one with my coffee this morning... and they were still very good. And you know what? It's 8:32 PM & now, they're gone.
Oh well, I guess I'll have to bake again soon!

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