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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas booty & Sewing

"Betty" & I have been cooking together a long time, I started with her kid's cookbook & graduated to the red book my Mom (& mother-in-law ) used. The Christmas before I was getting married, I requested the new edition of Betty Crocker's cookbook. My Mom also got me Betty's cooking for two. I still have both of them! Betty Crocker also has a great site on the web with lots of recipes & ideas. I hope you'll check it out!
New mixing bowls & kitchen towels were some of my Christmas plunder-I LOVE them ALL!! The colors are fabulous in my new kitchen! You can't go wrong with getting me something like this! Every year, I usually request something for myself that has to do with cooking/baking/kitchen.
And I always love books! Isn't the cover delightful-that is sooo me!!!
I couldn't figure out how to turn these but you get the idea!! Again, I Love this retro stuff. I don"t ever want to use this!! I just want to take it out, squeal how much I love it & put it back away,never to be stained or soiled!!
(Sideways, sorry!) My friend Kathleen bestowed me with this gem of a towel!! It is so cheery!
It was an abundant blessing of towels for me, they are all so nice-thank-you everyone! You know just what I love!!!
I was delighted to make time to sew today. This was one of the projects I'd hoped to get done before Christmas-Who knows, it might show up under someone's tree next year!
It was a putter-y kind of day. I re-organized my stamping things, straightened my sewing room, finished this pillow & sewed on my quilt squares. I really like the simple design of this pillow. This is made in nice, soft flannel but I could imagine it in any fabric you like. I can also imagine an embroidered design in the middle or a contrasting fabric there. Though mine is plain, it could easily be embellished. Think of a mini red pompom trim, it was a very popular this year. Don't you think that would be cute? I'm hoping to make another pillow top if I can get the pieces out of what I have left.


Milah said...

Jill, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I want to share with you that my mother gave me dish towels for Christmas, but these were made from the 1930's flour sacks that came out of her father's store. My mom makes dish towels out of them and then divvies them out to us kids as she see's fit. I love them!


peggy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I took a peek at yours today and LOVE all your new cooking stuff....