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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Day!

First & foremost, Nathan is safely in the USA & restored to his family who loves him very much! I guess little Miss A went right into his arms & snuggled there.
Second, I've been trying to adjust some of the settings to leave a comment.Please. If you read this, leave me a comment. I want to know if it is working. It is snow, snow and more snow for us today.I love a good snow-especially if I don't have to go out in it!! Which I don't. We are supposed to go over to friends to ring in the New Year tonight,thankfully we've got big-truck-blizzard, go-through-anything snow tires-see, it's a plus to be married to Mr. Turbo himself!!! It truly is a Winter Wonderland out there,more beautiful than I know how to say.
We're supposed to bring a "snack" tonight. I hope it's okay but I am bringing a pie, albeit a simple one from my childhood. My Mom used to make a simple pudding pie that I loved as a child,well, still love. She did a couple things that push it to the top. I recommend you make the crust first, it will be cooled & ready for the pudding. the recipe is below. She used a cook & serve pudding mix for the filling, cooked in a saucepan over the stove. I make my own recipe for pudding & cook it in the microwave. After the pudding was made & poured into the shell, she sprinkled a handful of marshmallows on top & let it toast to a golden tan under the broiler. Watch it carefully, it takes less than a minute to tan & not much more than that to burn. This is not the time to let the dog out or get the mail!! Stay in the kitchen. At the oven door. And watch.
What really puts this over the top for me is she would make it with a walnut crust-mmh. I make mine with the use of the microwave. 2 Tb. butter in a glass pie plate with wax paper over top. Microwave for 30 sec. or so till melted (or nearly). Add 1 1/2c. ground/chopped fine walnuts, 3 Tb. sugar & mix right in the pie pan with the butter. Take your clean hand, a fork or a spatula & press crumbs up sides & on bottom of pan. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes & you're done!!
One forkful & I am ten years old on a Summer day! Hope you'll try it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...
Thanks for you nice comments!
I can leave a comment on were wondering if it worked.
Yippy that Nathan is home! What joy that is when a soldier comes home! My son was over seas for 18 months. He was a General's Aide, and so got to travel in some pretty fancy Black Hawks, and the top armored tanks, but they were still in lost of dangerous places. My heart goes out to the foot soldiers. He is also an Army Ranger, but he isn't assigned a ranger duty right now, but is a company commander. Well, anyways, Glad Nathan is home!
We are going to my oldest daughter and her hubby's house to play cards, but all 6 grandchildren will be there for the don't know how much Euker we will get to play. We are having pizza.

Glad you enjoy the other blog. I am going to have to get back into it because that is what I know the LORD wants me writing...what He teaches and shows me, to share with others. I am so blessed every time I turn my focus back to His Word, or go to prayer, or just think upon His goodness! I literally get filled with a JOY that is I know it is the Holy Spirit moving and blessing. :) I am also filled with JOY when I met other Children of our KING..Members of His Body! It is like meeting a part of yourself!
I have been sewing most the day...and will be posting some more of the appliques. They are fun, and I'm about ready to add some of the flag extentions onto them.
My DIL and I are forming our own Jane Austen book club, and her sister is joining. We will be doing it through emails since we all live in different states. Do you like Jane Austen?
Your pie sounds wonderful!!! Happy New Year 2010!