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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Time

I love this time of year, don't you? We have been fortunate enough to receive a fresh, sparkling feathery new covering of that white stuff also! A real bonus before Christmas.
Yesterday, I got to do one of my favorite things-have girlfriends over for lunch!! I had found out that they were Reuben lovers. What's a Reuben? No, it isn't the lastest guy in the movies, it's a sandwich! A sandwich I have very seldom because I'm the only one who loves/likes them. One year, Dan took me & the kids out to "The Knotty Pine" for supper on my birthday & you can guess what meal I celebrated my special day with-& it was fantastic. The only other Reuben buddy I've discovered are my Dad & Mom. I don't think my Mom is an actual Reuben lover,I think she omits some things- which just isn't a Reuben at all!! I'll have to give her a ring & check on that!!
Here's how to make a Reuben-
You'll want to assemble your ingredients first- a loaf of good bakery rye bread if you can find it. Otherwise, one off the shelf, I think I've used a brand called "Beefsteak Rye", not positve of the name. We have a Bulk Foods shop in our area who have the best sandwich Corned Beef meat. I like my meat sliced thin-ish with lots of layers of it on my sandwich. You'll need slices of Swiss Cheese, saurkraut, Thousand Island dressing & butter for the bread. Getting the ingredients together takes about as long as it does to assemble the sandwich:
Butter one side each of two pieces of rye bread.( I put the buttered sides together,if I making ahead of time & then, wrap all the buttered "sandwiches" in plastic.) Then, with the buttered sides on the outside,I just layer on the corned beef, saurkraut, swiss & a spread of 1,000 Island. I usually have one piece of the bread, buttered side down,in the pan & layer the sandwich in there. I don't always want butter on my counters! Of course, assembling them on your cutting board or a piece of wax paper works too. It really doesn't make much difference how you layer them but here's a few thoughts to share. Sometimes, it is nicer to sandwich the saurkraut between the meat & cheese, so it's not so slippy when you turn it. Also you can spread the inside of the bread with the 1,000 Island dressing, I'd do both pieces for the best flavor but this is a little messier way of doing it then drizzling the dressing over one of the layers. Take your assembled sandwich & (this is why you buttered the bread) & griddle each side to a golden, toasty brown. That's it!! So simple & so good-Enjoy!!!

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