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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Makers on Thanksgiving

True royalty reigns in the kitchen with the chief cook.Thanksgiving "crackers" provided us with alot of amusement.
Along with the really great crowns.Also, jokes, whistles & yoyo's mixed with confetti-what's not to love?!

Thanksgiving dinner for Grammy & Grampa's favorite tiny guest!

What day is it anyway?!! I still have vestiges of our Thanksgiving virus....which I find ridiculous! Entirely too long for any bad little bug to stick around in my opinion. It's really put a crimp in my plans & pulled the plug on my energy. I'm waiting for that to come back,the energy, that is....I'm ready,anytime now is fine with me! I've tried to encourage it's return via caffeine....still no zip!!!Ah well-I plod!


Marlene said...

subscWho is that group? What a legacy.

Anonymous said...

hey Jill...I bought all 6 of my grandchildren those plates and matching cups for christmas presents this year! There were three styles so two kids have the same pattern, :) I was showing my daughter Donna your Valentine banner, and when she saw the Bishops Wife movie picture on here she said, you guys would be friends! I said ... yep!