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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Ways

Friday evening we had dinner over at a friends' house with another couple. Today, we went to church & had a few friends over to share a bowl of spaghetti with us. Again & again, I realize how much I am given by having company over. Yes, I want to share a nice meal, but it is the fellowship around the table that so warms my heart.
I am in the kitchen fixing coffee. I am not participating in the two conversations I hear bits & pieces of, the laughter that periodically burst from those around the table. I feel my heart warm in the glow of easy camaraderie, this is one of the "places" I feel best.
We "break bread'' together, but the nourishment goes far beyond meeting hunger pains. Our Pastor has been speaking on the "church". People, of course. People who go, people who do, what & where Jesus would if he were here. We strengthen the weary, we console the saddened, we feed the hungry, we encourage the down hearted. Truly, Jesus has no hands but our hands to use. No feet, but our feet to go. No mouth to speak from but our's, no arms but our's to wrap around the lonely.
So often I pray,"Lord, use me. Let me minister something of your love, your grace through me" I am a woman of "little things".The small things that fill my life, these are what I offer to Him, offer to other's. My heart invites-"come share with me in what I have".... and in that place, bodies & souls both, are fed.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, WE are the church! And I can't imagine just what fellowship will be like in heaven!!!