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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My sister, Yvonne, has had some dramatic improvements in her health by simply changing her diet to one that eliminates most foods containing gluten. She claims she's not trying to be the poster child for gluten-free, but her results & enthusiasm are catching.
I know my diet stands in need of improvement, as does my health-so why not try it,I thought.
I planned Sunday night what I would eat. I left myself a note that said "Gluten-Free" to wake up to in the morning. It's amazing what I can forget in those first moments of early morning fog! I had my strategy.Apple, cornmeal mush & cooked fresh kielbasa for breakfast. Rice, sauteed cabbage with a little hamburg for lunch. Baked chicken & potatoes with more sauteed cabbage for supper. It went really well!! Which gave me the impetus for Tuesday & now, Wednesday.
Yesterday, for our veggie I stir fried fresh broccoli & a carrot with some pine nuts drizzled with fresh lemon. Mmh, I could eat that alone for a supper- & probably should!!
One of my birthday gifts from Dan was a 1 lb. pkg. of dark chocolate turtle's from "The Parson's Daughter" These are not just your everyday kind of turtle. First, there is an abundant amount of rich, dark wonderful chocolate, then, a fresh, buttery sweet pecan, next, is the delicious caramel that is neither too hard or gooey,but as Goldilocks would have it-just right & the final layer of said chocolate. I want you to know I showed admirable Super hero self restraint. He gave them to me at about 5:30 AM, when who even remembers the word "restraint". By 8:30 AM the darling pink box with it's gold seal remained untouched!! Well, then came lunch & supper & snack. And yesterday there was a turtle with breakfast...and lunch... and dinner...& really, I'm thinking "Go for 2 pounds next year, babe"!!!!!


Nathan, Summer and Ariana said...

yeah- I'm all for the mega size chocolate presents too!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Mmmmm turtles. Almost as good as that tomato pie! Thanks for commenting and you called Utica home, huh? Nice to be blogging with someone who knows what I'm talking about. Were you east, west, north or south Utica? I'm in Ilion, but work in NH (so I go through Sin City everyday).