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Monday, January 11, 2010

Can you believe I didn't get a picture of our little grand daughter???? Here, is a picture of her folks, though, as they are heading out the door for home. Ariana had fallen asleep in the car already & we didn't want to disturb her.
Things I took note of- Nathan & I seem to be "preventative" parenting types. We are very much aware of what could happen,like a fall, & take steps to prevent it. Summer & Dan are a little more hey, if something does happen, we'll deal with it then. And lil' Miss A?? When she first comes, she looks in certain spots to see if things are the way they were when she was last here. Is my ball in the cupboard? Where is my play phone? Is the basket with the musical turtle here? She also test her boundaries-can I have the remote this visit? Is the laptop still off-limits? Can I pull out the shelves from the cupboards, can I touch the oven door? After the initial no-no's are restated, she is generally quite a contented little girl.
It got me to thinking, boundaries are good for us. Things that can potentially harm us & good things that we can potentially damage, are both kept at arm's length away. They are like a fence around a yard. Within the fence, all the good things there are to be enjoyed.
God's no-no's are meant for our good! He says "no" from a Father's heart, to keep us from getting hurt & to keep us from damaging something good. Within the safety of God's perimeter's is the place where all things are to be richly enjoyed! All good parents have boundaries for their children & God's boundaries are the best for all our lives!
"The boundaries have fallen to me in pleasant places..."

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jill..I like what you wrote and shared here. I really identified with your granddaughter checking to see if things were where they usually are. That is such a comfort to all of us, to have things familiar, and to feel that we have a comfortable understanding of a person's home, especially our friends and relatives. I use to have a baby sitter that I'd go to her house and run to her little built in wall closet, and find the toys I'd left in their place. I never got tired of her little box that held a few precious toys and game pieces. Looking back on it, it wasn't what was in the box, but that I was allowed to get the box and play with it without having to ask. How are you doing these days? Is it still cold there. It is really cold here, but is suppose to get a bit warmer today I hear. Let's keep Haiti in our prayers. There are so many missionaries and care workers that are in that country that I'm sure were affected by the earthquake.