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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cozy January

January is really one of the best winter months. November & December are all about their respective holidays. February is somewhat involved with Valentines Day. March ,we are all tending to long for Spring even tho it is still wintry into April. But, ahhh, January, it is the quintessential month of Winter. It hasn't snowed long enough to be all gray with salt & cinders.Neither are we all cold-snow-winter weary.In January, winter is still Jack Frost fresh & we are filled with leftover yuletide joy to carry us through the month.

January is soft, warm, throws we curl up on the couch with. It is reading books with a fragrant cup of tea at our elbow. It is a leisurely month, if we let it be so, the cold slowing all things down, even time. There is time that stretches in January to finish projects,to start new one's. It is sledding parties & skating on frozen ponds & rich hot chocolate with whipped cream. It is friends & family passing winter evenings together in snug gatherings. It is deer on the lawn in the moonlight & rabbit tracks in the snow.
January is reflective. January is hopeful & expectant. We think on our lives, seeking changes for the better. We pause & let ourselves be filled with a winter wonder in the cold crystal landscape. January awaits......deliciously wafting it's way into our lives.
My quilt blocks are finished,made from a layer cake & charm pack of Moda's line "Sweet" by Urban Chiks. It was a present from last year. I have to think on how I will put it together. I might need to get more fabric & make more blocks. I am pleased with it,the colors a happy jumble of cheer to me!

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